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Professorship for Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability

Herzlich Willkommen auf den Seiten der Professur BWL VIII - Betriebliche Umweltökonomie!

Welcome to Professorship for
Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability

Logo of the Professorship of Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability
The earth can be seen. In the background is a green leaf on which water drops roll off. In the foreground there is a factory with leaves growing out of its chimney.

Important to know


The Golden Rules for Sustainability


Please note the new guidelines for submitting exposés and instructions for writing theses at our professorship.

The professorship teaches and researches in the field of environmental management and sustainability.

The principles of a sustainable development are about managing, producing and living within human systems by respecting the ecological and social limits of carrying capacity.
The Earth's ecosystems have to be protected concerning their assimilation, buffering and regenerative capacity.
So, the configuration of socially and economically more resilient systems is linked to this.

The following topics are in the focus of the professorship:

  • Strategic environmental and sustainability management
  • Concepts of sustainability-oriented innovations and change
  • Inter- and transdisciplinary sustainability research

In detail, we focus on:

  • Strategies and management tools, influencing factors as well as business models for permanent environmental protection and the facilitation of sustainable development
  • Analysis of trade-offs and rebound effects as well as the development of solutions for (quasi-) dilemmas by means of system analysis and systemic development of corporate tools (like LCAs, systemic structural constellations or simulations, etc.)
  • Harmonisation of human, environment, technology and society through intelligent systems and structures (like cradle-to-cradle, bionics and energy efficiency) as well as based on adequate frames (neurosciences)

Sustainable Textile School

Sustainable Textile School