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Professorship for Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability.

Topic for bachelor and master thesis 

The topics for the Bachelor's and Master's theses are based on the lectures and research foci of the professorship.

Own ideas and topics for bachelor and master theses are warmly welcome. The respective lectures also provide topics.
Please contact us!

The specific thesis topic as well as the specific questions to be dealt with in detail will be always defined in close and individual cooperation with the supervisor.

For discussing the topic in-depth, please prepare the following information:

  • Potential title, which clarifies the subject matter and the motivation of the work.
  • First questions clarifiying the scientifc motivation or the research gap.
  • Preliminary structure, process and approach to answer the research question.

Registration of final thesis

After the topic has been clarified, the thesis has to be registered.

Please complete the official application form for your thesis and take it to Ms Oehme (Office Secretary).

Principles of scientific work

The use of scientific principles is the basic mandatory for the preparation of the thesis.

Please refer to the faculty's manual or use the following literature:

or use this link:

      Justin Zobel, Paul Gruba, David Evans. How to Write a Better Thesis. Springer, newest version.

      Yvonne N. Bui. How to Write a Master's Thesis. Sage, newest version.

Bänsch, Axel und Alewell, Dorothea. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten, München: Oldenbourg, neuste Auflage.

      Theisen, Manuel René. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten. München: Vahlen, neuste Auflage.

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