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Partner university of top-class sport

Top athletes welcome you

Jonas Richter wishes all the best for starting your studies

Maria Purtsa und Max Heß wish all the best for starting your studies

Jost Kobusch wishes all the best for starting your studies

Rebekka Haase wishes all the best for starting your studies

The Chemnitz University of Technology is an official partner university for top-class sport. In this function, it supports active competitive athletes in coping with the double burden between studying and competitive sport. The programme includes concrete support measures for the athletes, such as

  • Holiday semester as "championship semester”
  • Flexibility of attendance times
  • individually coordinated submission and examination dates
  • free use of the university sports facilities
  • special consideration in the provision of a place in a hall of residence
  • Provision of student tutors, who accompany the athlete through individual study counselling and support him/her in cases of conflict

The most important aspects can also be viewed on the homepage of the TU Chemnitz at

Within the framework of this programme we work closely with the career counselling service of the Olympic Training Centres in Saxony. Currently, 23 top athletes from 11 different sports are supported in the programme. The fact that it is possible to combine a sporting career and studies is demonstrated by the currently very successful track and field athletes in our programme:

  • Maria Purtsa (German Champion 2020 in triple jump),
  • Corinna Schwab (German champion 2020 over 400 m),
  • Max Hess (German Champion 2020 in triple jump),
  • Rebekka Haase (2nd place German Championships 2020, 100 m)

But we also pay the greatest respect to all other athletes and are proud to be able to support them on their way.


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