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Central Institutions

Our Central Institutions

  • Centre for Teacher Training Centre for Teacher Training

    The Centre for Teacher Education was founded in 2013 as a central institution of the Chemnitz University of Technology. It coordinates all aspects of teacher education at Chemnitz University of Technology and acts as an interface between teaching training, further education, and research. The focus is on cooperation with primary schools in the region, which is an important reference point for the effective communication of theory and practice.

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  • University Library The university library in the Aktienspinnerei

    Since 1.10.2020, the University Library has been located in a new building on Straße der Nationen 33. Due to the corona pandemic, only limited use is currently possible. All information about the library can be found on the UB-Homepage.

  • International Office Studying abroad

    Internationality, support, cooperation - these are our goals and tasks at the same time: We work for the international networking of our university, we are available when students and scientists go abroad or come to Chemnitz, we support international cooperation projects in teaching, studies and research. Welcome to the International University Centre of Chemnitz University of Technology!

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  • Foreign Language Centre Language Courses

    The Centre for Foreign Languages at Chemnitz University of Technology offers all students opportunities for university-specific, career-oriented foreign language training, which should enable them to communicate orally and in writing for study purposes (student mobility) as well as for communication in the workplace (employability). Students of all subject areas can choose from a wide range of general and specialised language oriented individual courses and course programmes.

  • Centre for Sports and Health Promotion Activ throughout the semester

    The Centre for Sport and Health Promotion has the task of providing sports and exercise opportunities for employees and students at Chemnitz University of Technology. In order to fulfil this task, the Center is in particular responsible for the conception and implementation of offers and arrangements within the framework of university health management, the planning of university sports courses, the organisation and management of projects such as the campus and sports festival as well as the Day of Health and the organisation and implementation of offers of the Centre for Fitness and Health.

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  • University Computer Centre Fotomontage URZCampusweites IT-Netzwerk

    The University Computer Centre is responsible for the planning, expansion and operation of the campus network and supports employees and students in their work, research and teaching with over 200 services. Digital tools for organisation, collaboration, and communication as well as the offer of corresponding training courses facilitate the daily study routine and are available to all students with the activation of the user account.

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  • Centre for Young Scientists  Video Poster zum URZ EinführungsvortragCentre for Young Scientists

    The Centre for Young Academics (ZfwN) sees itself as an interdisciplinary coordination and service institution. The focus of its work ranges from support during the doctoral and postdoctoral phases to continuing education, advice and networking for young researchers. In addition, the institution feels particularly committed to the sustainable promotion and further development of a junior-friendly higher education infrastructure and culture and supports this through identity-building measures, which also includes the corresponding sensitisation and counselling of university members and staff as well as impulses with regard to overarching standards such as the principles of good scientific practice.

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  • Saxonys Centre for Teaching and Learning          Saxonys Centre for Teaching and Learning

    The aim of the Centre for Higher Education Didactics in Saxony is to promote the quality of Saxon higher education teaching by offering continuing education courses in higher education didactics and a corresponding certificate programme, by providing an information platform and by creating opportunities for the exchange of experience across higher education institutions. The offers of the HDS are aimed at all teachers and thus at young academics, teachers for special tasks, research assistants, lecturers, newly appointed professors, and professors who have been practising for some time.

  • MERGE MERGE introduces itself

    As a central institution of the Chemnitz University of Technology, MERGE "Technology Fusion for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures" has been dealing with fundamental research questions relating to the key technology of lightweight construction for eight years. The overriding goal is to develop possibilities for meeting the global challenge of climate change. Because future-oriented lightweight construction technologies can not only reduce masses but also make production processes more efficient.

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  • Research Centre MAIN                Research Centre MAIN

    The task of the Centre for Materials, Architectures and Integration of Nanomembranes (MAIN) as a central scientific institution is the exploratory research of the fundamental physical and chemical properties and the development of the engineering application potential of flexible nanostructured membranes (nanomembranes) as a novel class of materials. The term "nanomembranes" covers very thin (down to an atomic layer) but functional structures extending into the micrometer scale, which are characterised by special electronic, optoelectronic, or electrochemical properties combined with high mechanical flexibility. They form the basis for new types of tiny components that are bendable, ductile, and malleable and thus extremely adaptable.

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  • Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

    Transfer processes have become increasingly important in recent years. Through successful knowledge and technology transfer, the university of Chemnitz can enhance its visibility in the region and form profitable cooperation between science and industry through active partnerships.

    To support a successful transfer strategy, the Academy for Knowledge Transfer at Chemnitz University of Technology has been developed into a centre for knowledge and technology transfer as the university's central interface to business and society. Transfer processes are designed and supported within the centre. The aim is to record and bundle the offers of the Chemnitz University of Technology in technology and knowledge transfer and to make them more visible both internally and externally. In addition, this support should lead to an overall expansion of the transfer offers and their use in the region and beyond.

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