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Task Force

Task Force

The Task Force "TUCculture2025" is the central committee at Chemnitz University of Technology for activities in the context of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025. With representatives from all areas of Chemnitz University of Technology, it takes a holistic and neutral perspective. In particular, it assumes the following tasks:

  • Advising TUCculture project leaders in the preparation and implementation of their projects
  • Exchange on project plans within Chemnitz University of Technology
  • Implementation of the Fund for European Capital of Culture activities at Chemnitz University of Technology incl. consultation and decision-making on funding recommendations for University Management
  • Independent information, consultation, connection, and representation of interests of the areas of Chemnitz University of Technology via their respective members in the task force
  • Support the communication of relevant information via the communication channels on TUCculture2025

The task force's team of spokespersons advises those responsible for projects and is in close contact with University Management of Chemnitz University of Technology and Kulturhauptstadt 2025 GmbH.

group photo of the Task Force TUCculture2025


Name Unit
Prof. Anja Strobel Speaker Team, Vice President for Research and University Development
Margreet Kneita Speaker Team, Student Representative

Maj-Britt Krone

Speaker Team, Faculty of Humanities
Dr. Benny Liebold Speaker Team, Head of International Office
Dr. Thomas Blaudeck Research Centre MAIN
Sylvia Decker Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Matthias Fejes Press Office and Crossmedia
Miriam Fellechner Central Administration, Dept. 2
Prof. Dr. Sandra Gelbrich Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Dagmar Gesmann-Nuissl Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Brita Jacob President’s Office
Dr. Katrin Karger Centre for Sports and Health Promotion
Karla Kebsch Equality Commissioner, Faculty of Humanities
Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht Deputy director University Library
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Laux Faculty of Humanities
Dr. Nadia Lois President’s Office
Jochen Mayerl Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Dr. Michael Partmann President’s Office
Claudia Pfeiffer Staff Representation
Dr. Teresa Isabel Picoto Pena Madeira Faculty of Natural Sciences
Matthias Pohl Faculty of Comupter Science
Dr. Anja Rautenstrauch Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Sandra Rabionek Central Administration, Dept. 4
Mario Thomas Speaker Team
Julita Schmidt Event Management and Merchandising
Antje Schreiber University Computer Centre
Mario Steinebach Press Office and Crossmedia
Prof. Dr. Steffen Wachter Centre for Teacher Training