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    Graphic of showing the outside of the “Virtual Orangerie” and a floor plan of the inside of the buildingTour of Discovery in the "Virtual Orangerie”

    The University Computer Centre and the TUCdiscover project team have digitally reconstructed the central lecture hall building and made it possible to visit the Virtual TUCtage open house - prospective students can get a breath of university air

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    Graphic of a robot in a Chemnitz University of Technology shirt saying “Hello, I am TUC.K.I – Chemnitz University of Technology’s digital advising assistant. I’ll answer your questions about studying at Chemnitz University of Technology.”Just ask "TUC.K.I.!"

    Premiere for the new chat robot for student counseling at Chemnitz University of Technology at the 3rd Virtual TUC Days

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    A young woman with long hair sits in front of a computer screen reading “Corona School e.V.”Students Help Pupils Learn in the Corona School

    Nationwide project seeks students for virtual learning support – also at Chemnitz University of Technology. Psychology student Laura Maj Scheffzek coordinates the work on site

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    Crowd of people inside the Altes Heizhaus.What is English Studies in 2018?

    Students and teachers quench their curiosity at InfoQuest 2018

  • Pupils

    InfoQuest 2016

    Pupils from Dr-Wilhelm-André-Gymnasium Chemnitz were treated to a taste of university life

  • Pupils

    From Chemnitz into Outer Space

    World Robot Olympiad 2014: the regional competition takes place at the end of May at TU Chemnitz - beforehand the university and ARC Solutions GmbH support pupils from Chemnitz, Leipzig and Schneeberg

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