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Talking About Catalonia in Chemnitz

The 27th Catalan Day, from the German Association of Catalan Studies, will take place in 2020 at Chemnitz University of Technology

Catalan Studies in the context of interdisciplinary research: the 27th Catalan Day will take place from 16 to 19 September 2020 at Chemnitz University of Technology. Under the backdrop of the motto “A Culture in Transition – Cultural Studies Approaches to Catalan Studies”, the German Association of Catalan Studies (DKV) and the Professorship of Cultural and Social Change (Prof. Dr. Teresa Pinheiro) at Chemnitz University of Technology will present lectures and panel discussions on social change in Catalonia and how it is being dealt with.

The conference will take a look at various aspects of social change taking place in Catalonia. On the other hand, new trends in Catalan Studies will be discussed, especially in the context of Iberian Studies as it is emerging in Germany. Since the conference is interdisciplinary, approaches that lean towards linguistic, literary and cultural studies are also included in the conference.

Fees for the conference are 100 euros for DKV members and 130 euros for non-members. Students pay 80 euros. Participation fees do not apply to students from Chemnitz University of Technology. You can register by e-mailing Anja Riedel (anja.riedel@tu.chemnitz.de).

The full programme will be announced in spring 2020.

For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Teresa Pinheiro, Phone 0371 531-35014, E-mail teresa.pinheiro@phil.tu-chemnitz.de, or Anja Riedel, Phone 0371 531-38293, E-mail anja.riedel@tu.chemnitz.de.

(Author: Julia Henkel / Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

Matthias Fejes

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