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Networking beyond your own academic horizons

Doctoral candidates from various faculties met on 10 April 2019 for the first Brown Bag Session from the Centre for Young Scientists

On 10 April 2019, the Centre for Young Scientists invited young academics to partake in the first Brown Bag Break. This new event format aims at providing a platform for young scientists to get informed about research priorities at other institutes and network across faculties. Numerous doctoral candidates accepted this invitation.

At the beginning of the event, Aline Lohse from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering gave a keynote lecture under the title "Vereinbarkeit nutzerzentriert gestalten. Technologiebasierte Innovationen in der Arbeitswissenschaft". Her presentation focused on selected projects of hers, such as the now completed INNO Design project and the current KaFaSax project. In this current project, various actors collaborate in order to develop working models that improve the compatibility of career and family. For Aline Lohse, working together beyond the boundaries of individual disciplines is a matter of course.

Successful launch of the new networking format

The participants from the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics and Business Administration and Behavioural and Social Sciences also found various links to their own work. After the lecture, all those present had the chance to exchange ideas and make new contacts. Since the Brown Bag Break took place during the lunch hour, all participants received a “brown bag” packed lunch.

And this concept was well received. Kathleen Delang from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering praised the brevity of the event: "I think it's great that the Brown Bag Break is during the lunch hour. This allows us to integrate it easily with other commitments." Ulrike Rada, doctoral candidate and member of the project “Lehrpraxis im Transferplus”, was also very impressed with the idea: "The concept has a lot of potential and it would be great if there were other events of this kind.”

In fact, a continuation of the event format is planned. If you would like to share your research topic at a Brown Bag Break and receive input from other institutes, you are welcome to contact the Centre for Young Scientists via e-mail:

The recent Brown Bag Break was made possible thanks to the friendly support of the Gesellschaft der Freunde der TU Chemnitz e.V.

Background: The Brown Bag Break originates from the United States and the brown paper bags in which workers and students often pack their lunch for that day. In an informal setting, participants can get informed and exchange ideas while eating a mid-day sandwich and snack.

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(Author: Antje Pfeiffer / Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

Matthias Fejes

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