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Chemnitz University of Technology and BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology of Bangladesh have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and will, among other things, cooperate in the area of Textiles

Chemnitz University of Technology has grown richer in the realm of university cooperation: on 6 November 2018, as Representative of the Chancellor and as Vice-Chancellor for Transfer and Academic Qualification, Prof. Dr. Uwe Götze signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with Founder-Chairman of the Bangladesh-based BMGEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) Muzaffar U. Siddique. The primary focus of the agreement is the exchange of students, doctoral candidates, and knowledge between the two universities. The private university was founded by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Export Association (BGMEA). This association and its 4,300 member companies represents roughly 90 percent of Bangladeshi textile companies. The country is currently the second-largest textile producer in the world.  At Chemnitz University of Technology, the Professorship for Textile Technologies, in partnership with the affiliated institute (An-Institut) Saxony Textile Research Institute (STFI), conducts research in the area of textiles. It is no surprise that this is strongly represented in Chemnitz, the city that has often been referred to as “the Manchester of Saxony”. 

Since earlier in the year, the BUFT and the Professorship for Textile Technologies have been working together on the DAAD-sponsored project BUF(T)UC, reviewing and revising the curricula of BUFT courses of study, in view of the growing importance of issues regarding social, ecological, and economic sustainability. At the Chemnitz professorship, particular importance is given to the production chain of textiles, thus making BUFT an attractive partner. 2018 has already seen two workshops take place in Chemnitz, and in September, teaching staff from Bangladesh visited the international conference “Sustainable Textile School”, which was organised by the Professorship of Textile Technologies and Professorship of Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability, along with the international consulting firm Gherzi. 

Along with the Founder-Chairman and Vice President of the BUFT, other dignitaries traveled to Chemnitz and were on-hand for the signing, including the chair of the Bangladeshi Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and two members of the Board of Trustees. The delegation was welcomed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Lampke, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Holger Cebulla, Diplomate of the Professorship for Textile Technologies, and Annett Müller, Deputy Managing Director of the Chemnitz University of Technology International Office. 

Contact Person: Anna Lanfermann, Professorship of Textile Technologies, Telephone + 49 (0)371 531-31778, e-mail

(Author: Anna Lanfermann, Translation: Jeffrey Karnitz)

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