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“A Lot Has Happened in Chemnitz” - English subtitles available

In this podcast, Prof. Martin Stoll tells us what series he has been watching on Netflix, what he finds so fascinating about Oxford and how it feels coming back to Chemnitz as a professor.

Prof. Dr. Martin Stoll, Head of the Professorship of Scientific Computing at the Chemnitz University of Technology, has more than just an impressive scientific résumé which includes earning his doctorate at the University of Oxford and being awarded the Richard-von-Mises prize. He also knows Chemnitz and the university from two different perspectives: as a student – and now as a professor. In this new episode of “TUCpersönlich”, he tells us about this change of perspective, his experience at Oxford, how he likes his coffee and how Chemnitz has changed.

About TUCpersönlich

The “TUCpersönlich” podcast is produced in six-episode seasons that are released monthly throughout the semester on TUC’s social media networks. In the first season, new researchers and those who have recently joined TU Chemnitz are at the forefront. As the series progresses, focus will also be placed on more established researchers and scientists and other notable university members.

The podcast is available in a dedicated playlist on TU Chemnitz’s YouTube channel:

(Translation: Sarah Wilson)

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