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Who has the highest reputation in economics?

In the ranking of the Handelsblatt, Junior Professor Robert Czudaj was listed among the Top 100 economists under the age of 40 years

Robert Czudaj, Junior Professor for Economics and Empirical Economics at Chemnitz University of Technology, has been listed in the current ranking of the Handelsblatt among the Top 100 strongest economists in research from the German-speaking area and under the age of 40. The ranking itself is provided by the institutes KOF (ETH Zurich), and DICE (University of Dusseldorf) in cooperation with the German Economic Association (“Verein für Socialpolitik”), and orientates on usual international standards for the evaluation of economic research.

Researchers receive points for each publication, weighed by the reputation of the journal. All research publications of over 3,000 participating economists from the German-speaking area have been evaluated. Over 2,200 international journals, which are included in the EconLit data bank of the “American Economic Association”, have been considered. The ranking of the Handelsblatt has three different variants: first, a ranking on the current research performance of the last five years, secondly, a ranking of lifetime achievement, and finally a ranking of researchers below the age of 40.

Robert Czudaj’s research interests lie in the fields of applied time series analysis, Bayesian econometrics, and financial markets. Among other things, he examines uncertainty and expectations on financial markets, and the effect of global capital flow movements on the real economy.

Further information on the Junior Professorship of Economics: https://www.tu-chemnitz.de/wirtschaft/ewf/

Mario Steinebach

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