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Cambridge scientists: „It is an honour to be here at Chemnitz University of Technology“

Prof. Ian White will join his Cambridge colleague Prof. David Cardwell as future member of the Scientific Advisory Board in the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE

After his colleague Prof. David Cardwell visited in June 2017, Prof. Ian White, Master of the Jesus College and Head of the Research Group Photonics at Cambridge University, decided to also pay a visit to Chemnitz University of Technology. White will also become a member of the Scientific Advisory Board in the Federal Cluster of Excellence at Chemnitz University. On site, he acquainted himself with the top-level research performance of the Chemnitz Cluster of Excellence.

Prof. Lothar Kroll, Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence, welcomed the guest from Cambridge and presented current research projects. With regard to a future cooperation, Kroll emphasized the chances for scientific exchange on an international level, in particular:  “Our objective is to bring together scientists from different areas and universities abroad in this Board, in order to give the Cluster direction from a scientist’s point of view. Your participation is a huge asset for further expansion of international research cooperations and the visibility of our excellent lightweight construction research as core competency of Chemnitz University of Technology.”

Chemnitz University President Prof. Gerd Strohmeier, who once again initiated the cooperation, was pleased by White’s visit: “After we were able to acquire Prof. David Cardwell, a renowned engineer of Cambridge University, for our Scientific Advisory Board, I am glad to know that also another Cambridge top-level researcher with excellent reputation and international expertise will become a member in this important committee.”

Ian White was impressed by the research strength and quality at the Chemnitz Federal Cluster of Excellence: “Congratulations on this major MERGE initiative. What you are doing here is very exciting. And it’s an honor to be here,” said White to representatives of Chemnitz University. With regard to the numerous and partly international network partners from industry and economy as well as regional SMEs in the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE he expressly commended the possibility of investigating directly on prototypes: “What you have here – and what many small companies in the UK would wish for – is the ability to build prototypes. Your technology center is excellent for that. And it’s great to see that your Cluster not only has this skill but also shares it with partners.”

With regard to his cooperation as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board White was very taken with the project: “If I could help, that would be great. I would certainly like to share your excellence with my colleagues in Cambridge, facilitate links and engage ideas.” He can also see a fruitful cooperation on specific projects such as smart materials: “We are currently involved in smart packaging, i.e. textiles and polymers with integrated electronic function, such as RFID. Your technology would actually be perfect for it.” Lothar Kroll was delighted about his guest’s ideas and initiatives and responded: “Our areas of research are actually complementary: we need your competencies in electronics and can offer our expertise in processing.”

In the following weeks the accession of Prof. Ian White as member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Cluster of Excellence will take place.

Matthias Fejes

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