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875 years of Chemnitz – between a look back and a look towards the future

The preparation and performance of the city anniversary in 2018 asks for ideas of members and dependents of the Chemnitz University of Technology

In 2018, Chemnitz celebrates its 875th anniversary of first documented mention. As in Chemnitz – and in many other cities, too – there is no certificate of incorporation, wherefore the first documented mention of the city in 1143 is considered the starting point of the city’s history. Chemnitz’ residents are now invited to participate in the design of the 875th city anniversary and to bring its history back to life. Ideas of members or dependents of the Chemnitz University of Technology are welcomed too.

First considerations are gathered in a concept of five themes – CHALLENGE, PROGRESS, LOVE, TOP PERFORMANCE and FORM – that are distributed over the city’s districts lines. In each of the five areas a central project room is put up where actors can meet, connect and exchange. This way numerous events are supposed to happen and each of the areas is to contribute to the central festive event in summer 2018 in the city center. The central project room for TOP PERFORMANCE is the Startup building on the “Technologie Campus” of the Chemnitz University of Technology. This provides especially in this location a lot of connecting points for ideas of the university.

Anyone who wants to get involved with the city’s anniversary can either send their ideas via e-mail and form to or by phone to Lucia Schaub from the Economic Development Corporation (CWE) in Chemnitz +49 (0)371 366-0201. She leads the organization.

Besides: on March 9, 2017, the second project room for the city’s anniversary will be opened Im kleinen Rennaissancesaal of the Schloßbergmuseum, Schloßberg 12, at 5 p.m. There the actors meet for the first time and exchange ideas and present first projects for the theme FORM whereas the form of the river can be a topic as well as different forms of encounters and meetings. The main point is to be open for the city’s anniversary, to see an open and broad concept for the preparations of the framework program for 2018 that will eventually unfold across the city’s district lines. The project room FORM includes the districts Schloßchemnitz, Kaßberg, Altendorf, Rottluff, Furth, Borna-Heinersdorf, Röhrsdorf and Wittgensdorf. According to the CWE are, in principle, all theme rooms of the complete urban society for the exchange, connectivity and joint project realization open.

Key Word: 875 years of Chemnitz

The first documented mention of Chemnitz was in 1143 with the granting of market privileges, although first written and archaeological references exist that document the later settlement of the city’s districts, for example the church and the monastery on the Schloßberg. The monastery was probably founded in 1136 by the emperor Lothar and provided with estate. This was the starting point for the further settlement of the area.

The successor of emperor Lothar, King Konrad the 3rd, confirmed the founding of the monastery in 1143 and therefore mentions the Chemnitz area the first time in documents. The monastery was assigned a territory for the economic supply and granted market privileges by the King. The market privilege implied the intention for the King’s city foundation but is not classified as a certificate of incorporation for the medieval city but rather a preliminary stage.

Matthias Fejes

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