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“TU Chemnitz is the Most International University in Saxony”

The number of international students in Chemnitz is still increasing – TU Chemnitz is a cosmopolitan university in a welcoming city

“TU Chemnitz is the most international university in Saxony”, affirms president Prof. Dr. Gerd Strohmeier with reference to the number of students. According to the statistical report “Studierende an den Hochschulen im Freistaat Sachsen”, the percentage of foreign students - with a number of 23,5% in the winter semester 2015/2016 - is the highest in Chemnitz. Considering the latest enrollments this number will still be increasing. “The percentage is currently at 25% based on the total number of enrolled students at our university”, Strohmeier says. Up to now, more than 11.000 students are enrolled at the TU Chemnitz for the winter semester 2016/2017, with 2.700 students coming from over 100 nations. The numbers are still growing because the enrollment period has not finished yet.

This positive trend shows that TU Chemnitz is a very attractive and cosmopolitan university in a welcoming city. “The university and the city are very welcoming, so more and more international students come to study in Chemnitz and are feeling comfortable here”, Strohmeier says. “The high amount of foreign students and the many nationalities and cultures that come together on the campus are sending a strong and positive signal into the world”, the rector adds.

To provide a continuing care for international and doctoral students, a high engagement and systematic cooperation between different institutions of the university are needed. This includes for example the faculties, the International Office, the Language Centre, StuRa, the Student Service, the Course Guidance Service, the Examination Office and the University Library. “For many years a lot of agents have been active in the process of making the university more international. I´m very thankful for the engagement of those who have been participating”, Strohmeier says. Only a few days ago the International Office organized an orientation week for students from abroad supported by the Student Buddy Program to help students with their first steps at the university and in the city. The highlight of the week was the Welcome Dinner. Many of the students brought traditional dishes from their home countries and got to know each other thanks to a “culinary trip around the world” in “Club der Kulturen”. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to talk to the president.

Mario Steinebach

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