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Prize-winning Idea Put into Practice

Stefan Uhlmann of the Professorship of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology developed a new testing device to determine the bulk density and pourability of granules

Anyone working with powders and granules needs to be able to determine their bulk density, pourability and angle of repose. In the past, separate testing devices were necessary for various different materials and testing standards, which resulted in higher purchasing costs. This bothered Stefan Uhlmann, research associate in the Professorship of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology at the Technische Universität Chemnitz. Therefore, he decided to develop a testing device which united the functionalities offered by three or four separate devices in one single tool. “While you are conducting a test, if it becomes clear that the standard of the hopper through which you are pouring the granules isn’t the right fit for the task, just turn the device to the next position and to a different hopper. The different components of the testing device can easily be exchanged out,” Uhlmann says about his construction.

Uhlmann presented his concept to the jury of the “Deutscher Normteile Award”, which recognizes the best or most efficient use of standard components. The researcher from Chemnitz was awarded second place and received 1,000 euros for his creation at the Motek international trade fair. He invested this money right away into further developing his idea. “Modelled after the DIN standards that apply to this domain, I build two testing devices which can be used by researchers and our partners in the MERGE Technology Centre at our university,” Uhlmann reports and continues: “This device is especially useful when completing initial technical assessments and classifications of materials.” Anyone interested in the portable testing device is welcome to contact the Institute of Lightweight Structures.

Contact: Stefan Uhlmann, Telephone +49 371 531-37742, E-Mail stefan.uhlmann@mb.tu-chemnitz.de

(Author: Mario Steinebach, Translation: Sarah Wilson)

Mario Steinebach

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