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Chemnitz continues to offer the most affordable flatshares for students

A market research institute compared rental costs for flatshares in more than 120 german university cities at the start of the 2016 summer semester – Chemnitz is just above the 200 Euro mark

At the beginning of the 2016 summer semester, Berlin-based market research institute empirica released a comparison of the costs to rent a room in a flatshare in more than 120 large university cities in Germany. The result: if you are looking for the most affordable student flatshares, you can find them in Chemnitz. The average rental cost per room in this Saxon university city is 216 euros, which adds up to serious savings in comparison to other cities. With these rates, Chemnitz sets itself apart from the most expensive university locations such as Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart, where tenants pay 530 euros, 447 euros or 430 euros, respectively. The choice of university alone can significantly drive up the total cost of studying.

Compared to the 2012 summer semester, flatshare rooms in the most expensive cities have become almost 100 euros more costly: in Munich around 95 euros, in Frankfurt a.M. around 82 euros and in Stuttgart around 89 euros. In Chemnitz, the increase is just 31 euros.

The calculated standard rental rates are based on the average cost to rent an unfurnished flatshare room between 10 and 30 square meters in size with heating costs included. On the basis of more than 100,000 rental advertisements from the first quarter of 2016, empirica prepared this special analysis. The institute has been collecting data on flatshare costs in a databank since 2004.

(Translation: Sarah Wilson)

Mario Steinebach

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