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Interculturality in the First Place

The ninth American-African-European Summer and Winter School is opened – and provides a varied program for national and international students

  • On the go: The versatile program of the ninth AAE Summer School has planned a guided tour though Chemnitz for national and international participants. Photo: Laura Herrmann

The time has come again: This week, the American-African-European Summer and Winter School has gone to the ninth round. Within the subject matter of “Innovation and Intercultural Management for Sustainable Development“ students from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Germany take part in the workshops and lectures. Over a period of twelve days, they will examine innovation and sustainability from different perspectives of the chosen topics of external lecturers from China, France, Switzerland and the USA, as well as professors of the TU Chemnitz. “In this case, we include not only scientific perspectives, but also different cultural aspects,“ explains Julia Breßler, research assistant of the Professorship for Innovation Research and Technology Management at the TU Chemnitz, who is involved in this year’s Summer School. The interculturality of the event should be the main focus of the Summer School. Questions such as “Are innovations and sustainability managed differently in different countries?“ are being addressed in the versatile workshops and lectures.

This year again, particular attention will be paid to an interactive and varied design of the program. “We have planned trips to different university sites. Among other things, we will make a visit to the experimental and digital factory and the driving simulator at the university site Erfenschlager Straße. In addition, an excursion is being planned to the founder network SAXEED at the Pegasus Center,“ says Breßler. Furthermore, the students will have the opportunity to attend the Chemnitz East Forum for a day, listen to talks given by scientists and even present their own research projects.

Yet even beyond the TU Chemnitz, there is a lot to discover in Chemnitz and its surroundings for international and domestic students. “We have already visited the Museum of Industry and explored Chemnitz during a guided tour,“ reports Breßler. During the following days, the program will include visits to Dresden and Berlin. Furthermore, the State Museum of Archaeology in Chemnitz is planned on to be visited.

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(Author: Sabrina Schäfer, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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