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Better Understanding of Components and Manufacturing Processes

Eleven questions for Prof. Dr. Sophie Gröger, Professor of Production Measuring Technology since April 2015

Prof. Dr. Sophie Gröger (42) has held the Professorship of Production Measuring Technology since 1st April 2015. In eleven responses she gives the readers of “University News“ an insight into her professional background, scientific objectives and activities in Chemnitz.

What is actually meant by “production measuring technology”?

Production measuring technology describes the measurement methods and instruments that are needed in the development and the manufacturing of products. The objective of using the production measurement technology is to be able to provide information on products and processes throughout the product life cycle in order to derive knowledge-based decisions.

The TU Chemnitz is the right choice for me as a professor, because…

…I am offered excellent research and teaching conditions in a familiar environment, and the Professorship of Production Measuring Technology enjoys international prestige. To continue the tradition of this professorship is a special pleasure for me.

Can you say a few words about your academic career so far?

Before my studies in Mechanical Engineering at the TU Chemnitz, I have been studying Arts at the Goshen College in Indiana, USA. After studying, I remained faithful to the Professorship of Production Measuring Technology as a research assistant of the TU Chemnitz. I have spent many years conducting research here, in order to pursue doctoral studies and acquire habilitation. After a year of self-employment, I am looking forward to the implementation of own ideas back at this professorship.

Describe your years of study in only a few words.

From arts to technology – an intensive discovery process.

Did you have role models during your studies who encouraged you to pursue a scientific career?

My father, professor of this university too, has shaped this path, although I was most of the time unaware of his role.

Do you have any advice for young students and graduates?

Have the courage to focus on things that you are good in and make you happy. Experience the world with openness and pay attention to the diversity to ease the acceptance of one’s own being.

What would you like to achieve in your teachings in the future?

Above all, I want to promote the personal skills of every student. Furthermore, my motivation lies in the establishment of post-graduate studies in the field of production measuring systems, which attracts students to Chemnitz, and is recognized in the industry, providing the female and male graduates with methods for the development of new products and processes.

What impact does your research have at the TU Chemnitz?

From nanometer to meter, the dimension of geometry doesn’t matter. I want to achieve a better description and understanding of the components’ functions and the capabilities of manufacturing processes. For this purpose, new methods and equipment, as well as new parameters for a holistic approach have to be developed. The quality of measuring data significantly influences the decision making process. I would like to promote this awareness.

There are around 45,000 professors at German universities. What distinguishes you from all others?

This could be an interesting subject of research, but unfortunately not my area of expertise.

What is your favorite place to show guests in Chemnitz?

The Karl-Marx monument still impresses me.

How do you play a part in the life of the city?

I live in Chemnitz since April again, and explore the geometry of the city on foot and by bicycle.

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(Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Mario Steinebach

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