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More Than Just Financial Assistance

Marco Müller studies Lightweight Engineering at the TU Chemnitz and receives for the second time the Germany Scholarship

  • Marco Müller puts his theoretical knowledge from the study into practice at his sponsor - the Rail Components and Systems GmbH. Photo: Sebastian Scholz

The saying “Seek and you will find“ fits here very well: Marco Müller was looking for a scholarship and came across the Germany Scholarship. He liked the idea of grantees and sponsors coming together using the program. This holds potential for future cooperation. The Germany Scholarship supports high-achieving and talented students. It also contributes to the networking of the TU Chemnitz and the regional economy. Not only top grades, but also the social commitment and special personal achievements are to be considered. The scholarship holders are supported with 300 euros per month.150 euros pay private sponsors and the other half is contributed by the Federal Government. Private sponsors may be companies, associations, foundations as well as private persons. The scholarship is initially granted for two semesters, and can be extended according to further appropriate performance.

In the case of Marco Müller, his sponsor is the RCS GmbH. The Rail Components and Systems GmbH is a medium-sized company in Königsbrück, near Dresden. The company works with glass fiber reinforced plastics and builds, among other things, the “face“ of the ICE trains. Marco Müller was able to convince the company with his application and his academic profile: With the Bachelor’s degree in Sports Engineering and the current Master’s degree in Lightweight Engineering, he brings a high level of expertise for such a company. He has received the Germany Scholarship since 2014, and has once again been chosen to obtain it. Besides studying, Marco Müller acts as a working student at the RCS GmbH in the department for research and development. He specializes in innovative process technologies for the manufacture of components and complete system components made of fiber-reinforced plastics.

“My motto is to move people. On the one hand, I mean to bring advanced means of transport on the railroad tracks. On the other hand, to bring my fellows with enthusiasm for the cause“, Marco Müller told about himself. For him it was a great opportunity to be able to practically use the theory from lightweight studies. The fiber plastic composites that have fascinated him early in the Bachelor’s program, are being processed by providing visible to everyone results at the RCS GmbH. “Fiber plastic composites can be symbolically compared with the hairstyles. The hairs remain only in the desired shape, when they are fixed with spray, gel and the like. Same is with the fibers, whose full potential only comes into play when plastic components are corresponding the identified requirement for the necessary support and orientation“, Marco Müller explains.

His occupation as a working student has not only helped him to put theory gained at the TU Chemnitz in industrial practice, but also to be able to live out his passion for trains as a means of conveyance. “Trains are a place of meetings and socialization. If you travel by train, you can use the time for yourself to work or start a conversation with different people. A very convenient way to travel and for me a profit in better quality of life“, says the scholarship holder. Ultimately, his scholarship is not only a financial assistance, but rather a non-material support: Marco Müller was able to be involved in the company and continue to develop as well as combine his fascination for this form of mobility with the studies. “I recommend every student to take into consideration an application for the Germany Scholarship. This gives a great opportunity to develop professional and personal prospects and to inspire with what had been learned beyond the university.“

Further information about the Germany Scholarship at the TU Chemnitz:

(Author: Yasmina Ramdani, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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