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Two Great Days on Campus

For the first time, the Student Body Summerfest will be staged over two days behind the Turmbau: The Family Day on June 16th and the Campus Open Air Concert on June 17th, 2015

This year again, the Student Bodies of the Technische Universität Chemnitz invite students and all those who are interested to the Summerfest. For the first time, this event will take place over two days – on June 16th and 17th, 2015. Like last year, the festival will take place on the lawn behind the Turmbau at the Reichenhainer Straße 70.

Tuesday is a Family Day

On June 16th at 15:00, the family afternoon gets underway with games and fun for the whole family. From the bouncy castle, to giant soap bubbles or slacklining – many activities are possible. The organizers of the "Spielenacht" are also involved in organizing the Family Day. The “Club der Kulturen“ offers "Kultur zum Anfassen" and the children’s dance group “Foxis“ from Chemnitz will show their skills at 17:00. Around 20:00 a “Multimedia Open-Air Lecture“ will begin, where the “Lauf-KulTour“ project will present the longest relay race in the world. Admission to the Family Day is free of charge.

Campus Open Air Concert on Wednesday

The Campus Open Air Concert has long been a traditional part of the Student Body Summerfest. The musical entertainment will be provided starting at 17:00 with Los Potatoes (Olpe), Polylux (Chemnitz), Still Trees (Werdau), Keule (Brandenburg) and Ohrbooten (Berlin). Rock, reggae, indie, alternative and electro set the tone for the evening. Entry is free for students of the TU Chemnitz and costs 3 euros for all other guests. Guests must be at least 18 years old.

There will be food and beverages on site, with something for everyone: In addition to three large serving carts with beer and soft drinks and a cocktail bar, there will be some vegetarian and savory dishes. “Anyone who wants to make themselves comfortable on the festival lawn should make sure to bring a picnic blanket“, says Sebastian Cedel, co-organizer of the Student Body Summerfest. This year’s festival will end at midnight, which, considering the weekday, especially pleases the organizers: “We are very glad and grateful to the Municipal Public Order Office of Chemnitz and the TU Chemnitz for a wonderful opportunity to be able to celebrate until midnight on Wednesday“, says Cedel.

(Author: Mario Steinebach, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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