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Sociology meets Production Technology: Mariana Mondragon Contreras, Student in the Master Program Management and Organisation Studies, from Mexico to Chemnitz via Munich

Mariana Mondragon Contreras, Student in the Master Program Management and Organisation Studies at the Technische Universität Chemnitz, is in love – with the German language, which she finds to be very melodic. The Mexican native surprises many with her view.

When the young woman first set foot on German soil in Munich in 2007 to learn German as her second foreign language, she knew only one word: “Hello!” After a yearlong language course at the Goethe-Institute there, her love for the language grew. She also decided to continue her study of sociology, which she had begun in Mexico, in Germany. “In my field of study, there are a lot of famous German scientists, so it’s worth it to learn the language,” explained Mondragon.

She switched from Munich to Chemnitz, because here she had the opportunity to study further language courses alongside her Sociology Studies. The transition from Bavaria to Saxony was not any easy one. She was however excited by the inexpensive apartment offerings in Chemnitz: “In Munich only one room in an apartment was possible, but here I can afford my own apartment,” she laughed.

Since 2009 she has worked as a student assistant in the Professorship for Machine Tools and Forming Technology of the TU, and is gathering her first career experiences. She helps out with various tasks, helps prepare events or provides support as a participant in many studies. She’s had her Bachelor’s Degree long since under her belt. If everything goes according to plan, Mondragon will defend her Master Thesis in the coming spring. After that she would like to stay in Germany – because of love.

(Author: Katja Klöden, Translation: Sarah Wilson)

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