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Students report about their studies and life on the campus and in Chemnitz on the “Campus TUschler“ blog

  • Eva Zurbrügg, who studies Media Communication, is one of the university ambassadors. Photo: Natalie Pohle
  • Some of the ”Campus TUschler” in a discussion (from left): Lisa-Marie Sperl, Melissa Scharf, Florian Franke, Benedict Wendler, Jessica Kaulich and Pia Janetz. Photo: photothek.net

There are some “whisperers“ (in German “TUschler”) at Technische Universität Chemnitz. At the end of last year began the development of the “Campus TUschler“ blog as part of the “Qualitätspakt Lehre”-project “TU4U“ in Chemnitz. This blog will now run properly. “In the new term, we want to attract more students to become ambassadors of their university and to pass on their experiences and authentic stories to prospective and current students “, says the project assistant Natalie Pohle. The university ambassadors in Chemnitz are students from different courses at the university. In their blog they write on a regular basis about their university, their course of studies and life on campus and in Chemnitz. Student initiatives can also present themselves in this way. All university ambassadors have their own profile on which it becomes clear what distinguishes her or him and their studies. The “Campus TUschler“ blog is accessible via http://www.unibotschafter.tu-chemnitz.de. A “tag cloud” and thematic links make the navigation easier on the blog. Since the revision of the homepage of TU Chemnitz, you find the latest blog entries in the social media newsroom.

The “Campus TUschler“ show, among other things, the reasons why they have chosen to study at TU Chemnitz and how they have found the right degree program. Besides, with their contributions ambassadors also make clear in a very personal way, why the City of Chemnitz is an attractive place to study. The interaction with the university ambassadors takes place – as is usual for a blog – through a contact form and a comment function.

“I am an university ambassador, because the study at TU Chemnitz has already brought me many interesting experiences and I think it is nice to be able to pass on some of these“, emphasizes Eva Zurbrügg (24). Also Florian Franke (24) reveals why he participates: “Because it gives me pleasure to facilitate pupils on their way to university studies. Besides, I want to show what is going on in Chemnitz and what students can experience after lectures on campus.“ Eva Zurbrügg studies Media Communication and Florian Franke the degree program in Mechanical Engineering. Pia Janetz (23), who studies English and American Studies, is writing her blog posts not in German, but in English. As Pia Janetz stresses, she wants to represent her studies in a realistic way and make the decision easier for the prospective students.

Some bloggers have already established contact with each other. ”In the spring, there will be an ambassador meeting at which all university ambassadors get to know each other personally and enter into exchange with others”, says Natalie Pohle. If you wish to strengthen the team of the “Campus TUschler“ you are cordially invited to do so. Contact: per email natalie.pohle@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de or using the online form https://blog.hrz.tu-chemnitz.de/botschafter/mitmachen-2/.

(Author: Mario Steinebach, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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