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Nico Keller studies Mechanical Engineering at TU Chemnitz and receives for the third time Germany Scholarship

  • Nico Keller during the structural reworking of the front wheel steering of the prototype vehicle "Umicore EcoBee" in the office of Fortis Saxonia. Photo: Christine Städtler

Dedication, motivation and commitment are three things one needs to be awarded with the Germany Scholarship. At least this was experience of Nico Keller, who is a student of Mechanical Engineering. In 2012, the 23-year-old student has received the Germany Scholarship for the first time, and again has been re-selected to receive this prize. The funding of the scholarship runs until September 2015, and the student has also set this date as a target for obtaining his Master`s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nico Keller has a strong interest in Automotive Engineering. This specialization is also reflected in his university and non-university commitment, and the student provides not only excellent academic achievements. Nico Keller has also worked for a long time as a student assistant at the Professorship of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology and wrote his Bachelor thesis at IAV GmbH, which is a consulting company for cars and traffic. Moreover, Nico Keller supports a student research project Fortis Saxonia at TU Chemnitz. This non-profit organization specializes in developing light, power-saving vehicles with electric drive motor and hydrogen fuel cells. „My collaboration at Fortis Saxonia is very time consuming and requires a high degree of self-discipline and motivation, but it is also great fun“, said Keller. In 2012 he was selected to the Executive Board of Fortis Saxonia and holds the office until today.

Two years ago, this student of a Master program has learned in a conversation with a fellow student about the possibility of financial support as part of the Germany Scholarship and spontaneously applied for it. „I had to simply fill in the online form, so this application was for me a kind of ‚free trial‘. My grades were very good, and I also had to show some of them, but it actually worked out easily. I really did not expect that“, recalls Keller. „I reached the second round and had to submit a personal letter of motivation, the current overview of my grades, my cv and some other references.“ After a long wait, Keller could be pleased with a confirmation for the grant. The official awarding of the Germany Scholarship took place at a ceremony with the framework program in Altes Heizhaus of TU Chemnitz.

The Germany Scholarship is awarded to high-performing and socially-committed students since 2011 at TU Chemnitz. Over a twelve-month term, the scholarship holders will receive a monthly financial support of 300 euros. The half of the scholarship financing is supported by the federal government, the other half take private sponsors, e.g. foundations, alumni or private sector companies. In the case of Nico Keller it is Robert Bosch Fahrzeugelektronik Eisenach GmbH. Due to his freelance work at Fortis Saxonia, Keller who was born in Saxony, had got to know his sponsor beforehand.

The Germany Scholarship for Nico Keller is used as an additional incentive, to continue his studies in an exemplary manner and to even further expand his social engagement. „This scholarship gives an opportunity not only to finance the living, but also to put a bit aside from time to time. What is more, it also gives an opportunity to meet new people and increase the network of contacts. This can and will certainly bring an advantage later on in professional life. Therefore, I advise all students to try and apply for the Germany Scholarship“, reckons Keller.

Further information about Germany Scholarship at TU Chemnitz:

(Author: Katharina Preuß, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Katharina Thehos

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