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Robot-interested Pupils Once Again Transcend the Boundaries

20 pupils from Germany and Turkey develop their own robots from 16th till 24th June 2014 at the international RoboSchool at TU Chemnitz

Technische Universität Chemnitz again offers a study orientation with international charm from the16th to the 24th of June 2014: the German-Turkish RoboSchool. Pupils of higher secondary school classes will vividly teach the basics in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Physics. After a few days they are able to build and program a robot on their own. The ten Turkish and German participants will talk about technology and work towards a goal in small teams. The most important: “We take the ideas and the motivation of the pupils and incorporate them in the workshop and in the construction of their own robots,” says Maja Riedel of the faculty of Computer Science and adds: “If pupils are curious, they learn a lot faster and find it easier to understand complicated processes.”

To the RoboSchool pupils encounter a human robot “NAO”. “Whether you pet him on the head, push on the hands or approach him after a few programming cycles, pupils can interact with the robot at discretion and even talk with him,” assures Maja Riedel. The project team receives support also from Tugba Yardimci, a student of Turkish origin, who provides help in organizing the RoboSchool: “We are very pleased about the visit of the Turkish pupils, who already possess some knowledge of German. A series of individual courses are in German, but we also support our participants with bilingual documents.”

Besides the technical work, getting to know the other pupils and the other learning culture and TU Chemnitz stay in the foreground. A few social outings, such as going to the climbing forest in Rabenstein, led this international group of pupils together. In addition, the participants can obtain comprehensive information about studying at TU Chemnitz and related opportunities. “We run the GermanTurkish RoboSchool together with the PASCH initiative of the Goethe-Institute in Ankara. We also allow students from Turkey to learn about studying in Germany and establish new contacts,” explains Susen Heinz, the co-organizer of the project “TU4U”, who implements the RoboSchool. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the project as part of the federal-state program “Qualitätspakt Lehre”. The Goethe-Institute in Ankara bears part of the costs for pupils from Turkey. These pupils go to so-called PASCH Schools, an initiative of around 1,500 partner schools around the world that maintain a very close relationship with Germany and German language.

Further information can be found under or from Maja Riedel, Phone +49 371 531-32783, Email

(Author: Mario Steinebach, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

Katharina Thehos

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