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With the double degree to working life

Due to cooperation of TU Chemnitz and TU Brno, Ondrej Rygl has received his Double Degree in Production Systems - he looks back in fond remembrance at his experiences in Germany

  • Ondrej Rygl (r.) has worked for about six months at LSA GmbH and did research for his Master`s thesis. Photo: Matthias Degen

´Finally I can say that the study program was a great success for me, and I recommend the double degree to every student at my home university,` says graduate Ondrej Rygl. In March Rygl presented his Master`s thesis, and, thus, finished the Production Systems at TU Chemnitz and Technische Universität Brno with the double degree. His research continued for about six months at LSA GmbH in Hilmersdorf near Zwickau in the tool development. Here, Rygl developed a flexible tool mold, which can be particularly used in the construction of prototypes. For this young man is especially important practical experience in a German company: ´Many graduates engage theoretical problems in their final papers. By contrast, I wanted to do something practical and gain my first work experience within a company. That is why I was very pleased about the acceptance to LSA GmbH.`

A 26-year-old mechanical engineer does not want to miss his time in Germany. ´After completing my Bachelor`s degree in Machinery and Plant Engineering at Universität Brno, I began my search for suitable Master programs,` says Rygl. He came across German-Czech Master in Production Systems that is offered in cooperation with Technische Universität Chemnitz. "For my Master I wanted to go abroad and collect new experiences. Germany was my number one country, because I have been learning German as a foreign language since primary school. When I heard about German-Czech study program, I did not think twice,` said Rygl. The Master`s program lasts four semesters, and alternates every two semesters, two at Universität Brno and two at TU Chemnitz.

Computerpools that are open until 2 o`clock in the morning

´For me it was especially exciting to get to know a new culture and mentality. While visiting a language course in Chemnitz, I made many international university friends. What is more, the study process and the opportunities at TU Chemnitz are excellent for students,` says Rygl and specifies: ´These include the organization of the library, very good contact of the lecturers to students and brilliant technical equipment. In Czech Republic it would be unthinkable that the computer labs are open until 2 o`clock in the morning. Also the proximity to his home country was crucial in choosing of Master`s program. Overall, Rygl would recommend the German-Czech study program to anyone interested, even if it can still give some small improvements here and there. ´The bureaucracy in Germany is very high. But one is very well supported by International Office and Mentoring Program for foreign students,` explains Rygl.

After graduating Rygl had already accepted a job offer. ´In May, I will participate in a trainee program of Honeywell Security Group in Czech Republic, which develops among other things aircraft engines. This gives me the great opportunity to get an insight into the various departments of a large international corporate group`, states Rygl. The TU graduate can imagine for the future a job in Germany: ´Of course it would be nice to work sometime again in Germany, but first of all I want to gain work experience at home in the Czech Republic. Only then it makes sense to work in a company abroad. And, of course, I will visit my friends in Germany, especially those who live in Chemnitz.`

(Author: Antonin Fischer, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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