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Applause, applause for great accomplishments

Standing ovations at the graduation ceremony on April 12, 2014 - many of the former students remembered with pleasure the time back - next Alumni Meeting is on May 30, 2015

This was a very moving moment during the graduation ceremony at TU Chemnitz on April 12, 2014: some 200 graduates and doctorate students of the last two semesters, who had accepted the invitation to come in the largest lecture hall of the university, rose from their seats and with prolonged applause warmly thanked their parents, grandparents, spouses and friends for a wide-ranging support during the years of studies - everyone got goosebumps. The impetus for this kind gesture gave Rector Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl during his official speech. "These are often the closest relatives, who contribute a large portion of success to the studies,” said Prof. van Zyl. The graduates thanked also with a symbolic additional applause to the Deans of all eight faculties where they had studied over several years. Previously the Rector demonstrated the importance of knowledge in our society, the creation of change and values: "The university is an important driver that needs to be strengthened - also in order to bring young people in the region.”

Barbara Ludwig, the mayor of Chemnitz, greeted everyone, hoping that many students will remain in Chemnitz after their studies or graduation, and will form a well-educated academics, who will build a foundation for further innovative strength of the city. "Keep our city in your hearts,” she called on. You can also conquer the world from Chemnitz. As an important argument to stay here the mayor also named the low price apartments for rent. "And even the development of football and the new stadium in Chemnitz is much more exciting than, say, in Munich, where everybody knows from the outset who will win the game,” said the mayor with a wink.

One graduate, who also held the official opening speech, is Dr. Steffen Heinz, CEO of EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH. He stayed in Chemnitz after finishing his studies and doctoral degree. In 2008 he launched a company together with four other employees in the Technologie Centrum Chemnitz. A year later, EDC moved to the Smart Systems Campus. With unique Smart Filters, which provide clean air for example in clean and operating rooms, the company made a breakthrough and expanded in 2013 by obtaining a private company building near the campus. Today, 26 employees and 8 students are part of the EDC team, which cooperates closely with customers in such areas as biometrical engineering and up to aerospace engineering. "Development, manufacture and supply of specialized microelectronic circuits for various tasks are our core business,” said Dr. Heinz. However, as in life, to set the right course is what really counts. He wished the university graduates that they make as many points in their lives right as possible, grasping things successfully.

The handing over of graduate certificates by the Deans and the Rector was accompanied by a flurry of flashbulbs. The TU BigBand framed the event musically and received much applause. Lots of clapping and a coveted award were given to Dr. Michael Freund from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Andreas Zienert of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. They were honored with the prize of Edgar-Heinemann 2013 and received 1.000 euros. Commerzbank dissertation prizes, also adopted at same amount, were awarded to Dr. Ralf Zichner of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and Dr. Jan-Christoph Hauswald of the Faculty of Humanities - presented by Lars Ehle from the local branch of Chemnitz Commerzbank AG. All four award-winning doctorates had the chance to introduce in brief the content of their theses to the audience.

Before the start of graduation ceremony and during the subsequent champagne reception was quite often heard that most of the guests were rejoiced to come back to their old university or to meet fellow students. The first guest who walked into the Central Lecture Hall Building early in the morning, one hour before the official start was Christina Lindecke. She had come with her parents from Saxony-Anhalt. The young woman, who after her Bachelor study in Magdeburg deliberately chose the unique controlling specialization in Master study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at TU Chemnitz, has ended up at a trading company in the Hamburg area. "There, I am working as a control activist,” she says. Today, TU graduate wanted to celebrate the successful graduation again solemnly with her parents.

Alone for celebration came Mariana Mondragon Contreras. This young woman originally comes from Mexico and had studied Sociology at TU Chemnitz. "I chose Chemnitz, because here I once was able to learn German before my actual studies,” she recalls. During her studies, after lectures she contributed to the advisory board of International Office and successful participated in the TU Chemnitz auditing of "Internationalization of Higher Education” of the German Rectors` Conference. Nowadays, Mariana Mondragon Contreras studies Master in Management & Organization Studies. Then she wants to stay and work in Germany in the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry. "There, I`ve already completed an exciting internship,” said the student.

Not very straight-forward was the start of Philipp Winckler from Oelsnitz. "At first, I studied Applied Computer Science at TU Chemnitz, but quickly realized that programming does not suit me well. Then my parents supported me through the change of the study to Bachelor in Microtechnology/Mechatronics.” Afterwards, he moved immediately into professional practice. "Since January 2014 I work in my home town Oelsnitz in MEISER VOGTLAND OHG as an automation technician. Most of all, I miss my shared flat in Chemnitz and three months of vacation a year that has a typical student.”

Also the start of Sven Maak from Gornsdorf was different than originally thought. "At first I applied for a vocational college degree in Glauchau. As I looked for a company where I can complete my practical stage, I have become aware of the SYCOR Enterprise Solutions GmbH in Chemnitz. There I received an advice to better begin studies at TU Chemnitz. So I decided on Bachelor in Business Information Systems and have been working at SYCOR since the beginning of my studies. There I can see the practical everyday work experience in addition to the theory in the study of a software development company and finance my studies, because I do not get federal financial aid.” As the 22-year-old wants to continue to evolve, he studies now Master in Data & Web Engineering - so his time at the university is not over yet.

While studying, Robert Laue from Oschatz and Anne Mittmann from Frauenstein became a couple. "I have done my Bachelor and Master in Mechanical Engineering and have been working for two weeks at the university as a research assistant at the professorship of Virtual Manufacturing Technology,” says Robert Laue. "Since the vacancy at the professorship sounded interesting, my girlfriend also works in Chemnitz as a research assistant at Fraunhofer, and as I wanted to stay close to her, everything fits perfectly together.” Anne Mittmann had studied Sports Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

For the native Karl-Marx-Stadt girl Stephanie Uhlig, who graduated from TU Chemnitz with Bachelor and Master in Chemistry, it was something special to be present at the celebration. "My student time is now over. I leave with a laughing and a crying eye. At the Institute for Chemistry we always had a special caring relationship and everyone knew everyone. I volunteered as a speaker in the Young Chemists` Forum and organized lectures and events. Besides, I was an academic assistant at the professorship of Inorganic Chemistry. I wrote my Master`s thesis at the Helmholtz-Center in Freiberg, finished in February 2014, and since the beginning of March I research at TU Bergakademie Freiberg as a doctorate student in the field of Analytical Geochemistry - that means, my student life is not yet finished.”

Far away moved Martin Vogel from Plauen after his studies in Business Administration and Engineering. "Although I had at first applied for a job in the region, but I am recently working as a quality engineer in the international automotive supplier Dräxlmaier in Vilsbiburg near Landshut.” Although he is often on business trips in Germany and abroad, he is trying to demolish the contact with former classmates. "I fondly remember the time back, when I completed successfully the quality management certificate with a help of Prof. Dietzsch, which was crucial in the start of a career,” says Martin Vogel.

In Saxony remained Nadine Priwitzer from Dresden. After Bachelor in Pedagogy she changed to Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz to study Master in Management of Social Change. "After that, I would like to take on a managerial position in the social field,” said the young lady. In order to stay in touch with her fellow students in Chemnitz she registered at Alumni-Network.

Dr. Janine Oelze was the last person, who said goodbye during Graduation ceremony. She received her doctorate at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences on the topic called "Factors influencing the weight status and motor performance in school age”. Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Udo Rudolph pointed out that the data base collected by her in 40 primary schools of Chemnitz was Europe`s largest in this field. Janine Oelze would like to stay at the professorship of Sports medicine of TU Chemnitz, participate in this project and to continue working in cooperation with the new students of Educational Studies.

"Do not forget us and your university!” - on that day graduates and alumni heard this appeal quite often. One can remain faithful to the university as an alumni, a student in the context of Master studies or further education, as a resident of Chemnitz, or as a member of Society of Friends of TU Chemnitz. But to get this loyalty, much is required, ranging from attractive jobs through appropriate training, and a living graduates motion. Who continues to seek contact with university, should sign up for Alumni-Database of TU Chemnitz or join a Xing group "Alumni TU Chemnitz”, same as other 5,700 fellow students. All interested parties will be supplied here with exciting information about their university - for instance, in preparation for the planned alumni get-togethers or during the next big alumni meeting on 30 May 2015.

Before leaving, some graduates took the opportunity to purchase a T-shirt or sweatshirt from the Uni-Shop. Some also sought dialogue with the members of senate, faculty representatives and with members of the university administration. At this point, special thanks to all the organizers, who gave the right setting to graduation ceremony - in particular the staff of the Central University Administration and University Communications.

Alumni-Portal of TU Chemnitz:

Contact: Stephanie Krämer, Alumni coordinator of TU Chemnitz, phone + 49 371 531-37915, email (password was issued).

(Authors: Mario Steinebach and Damaris Diener, Translation: Nataliia Boiko)

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