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`A unique lifetime experience in Germany´

Dr. Mahendra Subray Rane, graduate of TU Chemnitz, was recently appointed to alumni of the week by the Alumniportal Deutschland

  • Dr. Mahendra Rane received as a VIP at the career fair Trained in GermanY in Pune a hand-coloured graphic of the German Chamber of Commerce. Source: Alumniportal Deutschland

Dr. Mahendra Rane from Pune in India is the first graduate of TU Chemnitz who was appointed as alumni of the week at the Alumniportal Deutschland. The Alumniportal Deutschland funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is a non-profit online portal for the networking of foreign persons, who are trained or educated in Germany (`Germany-Alumni´). The `Alumni of the week´ exists since last year and again and again receives positive feedback - both by the alumni themselves and by the public. TU graduate Stefanie Altmann, who is part of the editorial team, adds: "The campaign can be described as quite successful.”

The success can be explained amongst others by the very frank application process: "Everybody who can tell an interesting story about his career in Germany can apply,” Altmann says. Also TU alumni who are registered at the Alumniportal Deutschland can complete the application form at (on the right). Meanwhile the portal has 90,000 users. Among are numerous alumni of TU Chemnitz.

Dr. Rane, who distinguished himself in the participation at the first German-Indian career fair `Trained in GermanY´ in Pune, studied at the University of Ulm from 2002 to 2004 and wrote his Master’s thesis at the chemical company BASF in Ludwigshafen. After this, he spent four years in Chemnitz and wrote his doctoral thesis under Prof. Dr. Werner Goedel, with whom he has stayed in contact since his times at the University of Ulm (where Prof. Goedel was teaching before Chemnitz). Postdoctoral, he is now active as a regional manager for the chemical company Swiss MNC, which is among others present in his home country India. Thereby he lines up in the row of international successfully acting TU alumni. His time in Germany - and especially in Chemnitz, he won’t forget: "My stay abroad in Germany taught me to speak for what is right and to accept criticism in a positive way,” Rane remembers. Of course there are many typical things everybody combines with Germany. "When I think of Germany the things which come to mind are Einstein, Boris Becker, Currywurst and a lot of other things - the list is endless. Germany is an integral part of my life.” Especially personal contacts are important and are treasured: "I had a unique lifetime experience in Chemnitz and I am very grateful to my doctoral advisor without whom it wouldn`t have been possible for me to get to the point where I am today,” Dr. Rane says.

All alumni are invited to register at the alumni portal of TU Chemnitz in order not to miss any news and stay in contact with each other. For more information please contact the alumni coordinator of TU Chemnitz Stephanie Krämer at 0371 531-37915 or

(Author: Micele Ulbricht, Translation: Jakob Landwehr)

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