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Open Letter from University Management to Launch the Campaign STAND TOGETHER #TUCgether

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Members and Associates of our University,
Dear Citizens,

We live in extremely turbulent, sometimes trying, and quite dangerous times - characterized not only, but particularly by the appalling illegal Russian aggression against Ukraine, by the unjustifiable horrendous terrorist attack by Hamas and its devastating consequences for the entire region, as well as by extremely worrying right-wing extremist, racist, antidemocratic, and antisemitic tendencies in our country.

Our democratic values, our open societal order, and our peaceful coexistence are threatened as never before in recent times. Many of us are experiencing for the first time such a threat to the—long considered immutable—foundations of our democratic-pluralistic society and security policy order.

We are extremely concerned - and under no circumstances willing to even remotely abandon the achievements mentioned above, and therefore firmly determined to stand up for our liberal democratic basic order, peaceful coexistence, as well as tolerance, diversity, and cosmopolitanism. The latter is clearly reflected by the commitment to tolerance, diversity, and cosmopolitanism adopted by the Senate, University Council, and University Management of our university.

We will continue to live our values consistently internally, confidently communicate them externally, and defend them with all available means of the rule of law, while pursuing a policy of zero tolerance against intolerance. Against this backdrop, we call on our members and associates, as well as all individuals who feel connected to our TUC family and our values, under #TUCgether, the successor campaign to #wirsindchemnitz: Let us above all...



  • antidemocratic, authoritarian, and totalitarian movements,
  • racism, right-wing extremism, and antisemitism,
  • wars of aggression in violation of international law and acts of terrorism.


  • our liberal democratic basic order,
  • tolerance, diversity, and cosmopolitanism,
  • peaceful coexistence in a united, peaceful Europe.


  • all those who unconditionally stand for our liberal democratic basic order,
  • all those who suffer from racism, right-wing extremism, and antisemitism,
  • all those who are victims of wars of aggression in violation of international law and acts of terrorism.

#TUCgether will be accompanied in the coming months by various event and communication formats. In addition, merchandise will be offered for identification with the campaign at low cost (lapel pins, backpacks) or free of charge (buttons, cloth bags).

We would be delighted to receive diverse and active support for our campaign, as well as suggestions and proposals for its implementation!

Warm regards,

Your University Management

Mario Steinebach

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