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Wanted: Entrepreneurial ideas for the products of tomorrow

New round of the SAXEED ideas competition and announcement of the special prize "Social Entrepreneurship" – Submissions explicitly also from students possible until November 21, 2021.

The start-up network SAXEED is again looking for creative minds who want to shape the future in an entrepreneurial way. All students and employees of the four partner universities in Chemnitz, Freiberg, Mittweida and Zwickau can participate with their business ideas in the "SAXEED Ideas Competition". SAXEED explicitly calls on students to apply, even if business ideas are not yet fully developed. The point is to make a first step and to initiate innovations. A well-developed business plan is therefore not necessary – the only requirement is that the company must not yet be fully established. Anything is possible in terms of subject matter, as the ideas submitted each year traditionally cover a wide range: from smart flower pots to apps for seasoning food to scientifically based service offerings for care. Judging will take place in the "Scientists" and "Students" categories. The submission of the idea is possible online until November 21, 2021.

This year, interested parties can also apply for a special prize that is intended to honor the social relevance of a project idea. For this purpose, the Gründungsgarage Chemnitz donates the special prize "Social Entrepreneurship". Young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 who would like to start a start-up project in the field of "social affairs" are invited to apply. If the project is in the start or implementation phase and the place of residence or company headquarters is located in Chemnitz and the surrounding area, there is nothing to stop you from applying! Here, too participation is possible online until November 21, 2021.

The first-place winners in both categories will receive prize money of 1,000 euros per team or submission. In addition, the winners of the special prize receive premises for the further development of their ideas and access to the Gründungsgarage network. In addition, the winners of the special prize can expect advice before the start of the Gründungsgarage program and participation in the social entrepreneurship program from April 2022.

In the first selection round, the ideas are evaluated by 30 judges from the fields of “science”, “business/banking”, and “start-up promotion”. The judges include professors, researchers, successful founders, and representatives of banks and investors.

Even if you are not one of the successful teams or submissions, participation is worthwhile. This is because all participants receive professional feedback on the ideas presented by the experienced SAXEED start-up consultants and the judges, who have many years of experience in various entrepreneurial fields.

Martin Uhlmann, double winner of the last ideas competition, says of this valuable feedback: "I hadn't expected this. I always have lots of ideas and simply wanted to have my second idea, "Spice Aid," evaluated by experts." Among them was Fabian Schaile, a graduate of Chemnitz University of Technology and now an investment manager at SC-Kapital. He joins the team at TGFS Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen. There he is responsible for the acquisition and support of seed and start-up companies from the southwest Saxony region.

Background: “Smart ideas”

The SAXEED start-up network of the universities in southwest Saxony has set itself the task of finding innovative business ideas with the "Smart Ideas" competition. Students, employees and professors of the four SAXEED university locations (Chemnitz, Freiberg, Mittweida and Zwickau) can participate.

SAXEED organizes this event in cooperation with the non-profit association for the support of entrepreneurship and technology transfer in South West Saxony e.V.

For further information, please contact Dr. Constance Bornkampf, SAXEED, Tel. 0371 531-34155, E-mail constance.bornkampf@saxeed.net.

(Author: Constance Bornkampf / Translation: Sai Teja Paila)

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