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Developing the Outdoor Products of Tomorrow

Nationally unique additional qualification "Outdoor Engineer" offered at Chemnitz University of Technology starting in winter semester 2020/21

Mountain biking, kiting, camping and more - outdoor sports are booming. This not only affects the ever more varied outdoor activities, but also products such as  sports equipment, which are becoming more and more sophisticated. The Professorships Of Textile Technologies (Prof. Dr. Holger Cebulla) and Sports Equipment And Technology (Prof. Dr. Stephan Odenwald) at Chemnitz University of Technology are taking up this trend and have developed a programme that is unique in Germany with the additional qualification called Outdoor Engineering. For the first time, interdisciplinary teaching content from the bachelor's program in Sports Engineering is combined with focal points from the master's program in Textile Structures and Technologies.

The additional qualification will start in the winter semester 2020/21 and students will complete in-depth scientific work in the field of Outdoor Engineering. Here they write a scientific paper under the close supervision of the professorships and, depending on the topic, cooperation partners. The focus of this thesis is a practical topic for outdoor sports, which combines the focal points of both professorships, for example the development of a new type of membrane that makes outdoor backpacks more efficient.

The programme is open to students in Textile Structures and Technologies master’s program (german PDF) who already hold a bachelor’s degree in Sports Engineering. Registration can be made directly via Prof. Dr. Holger Cebulla (holger.cebulla@mb.tu-chemnitz.de) or Prof. Dr. Stephan Odenwald (stephan.odenwald@mb.tu-chemnitz.de). The schedule is flexible; participants can plan the course of studies individually with the professors.      

The aim of the program is to qualify young and motivated engineers so that they can develop high-performance and functional outdoor products.

Special training at the cutting edge  

"In order to put this specialist knowledge into practice, students receive their qualification in the context of more in-depth scientific work in the field of outdoor engineering and are thus very well prepared to develop safe and sustainable outdoor products in the future," explains Prof. Dr. Holger Cebulla. Graduates of the program can prove their special abilities with the certificate and thus stand out on the job market.

"What distinguishes our students from other graduates is their ability to combine technical know-how and practical experience to develop unique and tailor-made solutions for the sophisticated outdoor products of tomorrow," adds Prof. Dr. Stephan Odenwald.

Further information is available online.

Contact and personal advice: Prof. Dr. Holger Cebulla, e-mail: holger.cebulla@mb.tu-chemnitz.de or Prof. Dr. Stephan Odenwald, e-mail: stephan.odenwald@mb.tu-chemnitz.de

(Author: Matthias Fejes / Translation: Chelsea Burris)

Matthias Fejes

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