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Title Name Unit E-mail address Phone
+49 371 531-
 Nedhal Ali Mahmood
Dr.Tony AlbersPHtony.albers@...39353
 Johannes AprojanzPHjohannes.aprojanz@...33870
 Sri Sai Phani Kanth ArekapudiPHphani.arekapudi@...38789
 Franziska BaerPH
Dr.Mursal Ali Abdo BaggashPHmursal-ali-abdo.baggash@...37310
 Hassan BanayeemPHhassan.banayeem@...37309
 Thomas BaumannPHthomas.baumann@...30207
 Conny BechtPHconny.becht@...35752
 Nicole BehmeCHnicole.behme@...35294
Prof.Alexandra BendixenPHalexandra.bendixen@...31681

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