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Workshop Ellipsometry
Technical Information

Technical Information 10th Workshop Ellipsometry

The venue of the WSE 10 conference is the Central Lecture Hall Building on the campus.
Address: Reichenhainer Str. 90, 09126 Chemnitz, near tram stop line 3, or cityline 13, 14, 15..

We provide a notebook with Win10, MS Office 2013, and Adobe Acrobat 11. If you will use your own computer please connect your computer prior to the session and check whether your presentation works properly. As video connection is available VGA and a HDMI connection.

In case of questions please contact our technical team or call

+49 371 531-29884     or     +49 151 11 64 28 90.

The poster boards have the size DIN A0 (vertical: 841 mm x 1189 mm). The poster session will take place in the 1st floor in the Central Lecture Hall Building. Please leave your poster at the registration desk until the lunch break on Monday. We will fix all posters on the boards. On Friday morning the posters will be removed.


We will go by bus to the City Freiberg. There we will visit the brewery “Freiberger Brauhaus” and the mineral exhibition of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg "terra mineralia".

The dinner takes place in the Brauhof Freiberg.

After the conference dinner we will all return by bus to Chemnitz.


Access to WLAN is available in the entire Central Lecture Hall Building. Two nets are available:

  • "eduroam" (login with the access data of her institute) and
  • "" < (for this network open your web browser, go to the tab ‘Event’ and enter the following key: WSE10chemnitz ).

If you have any problems or trouble please contact our support team at the registration desk or call one of the following numbers:

Conference Desk:+49 371 531-29884
DI DI(FH) L. Feige:+49 151 11 64 28 90
Prof. Dr. DRT Zahn:+49 171 74 20 29 3
S. Raschke:+49 152 53 93 96 76