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Technische Physik
Name Room Phone
+49 371 531-
Head of professorship
Prof. Dr. Thomas Seyller P051 32898 thomas.seyller@physik
Grit Rauscher P052 37681 grit.rauscher@physik
Permanent scientific staff and postdocs
Dr. Florian Speck P050 35411 florian.speck@physik
PhD students
Dipl. Phys. Christian Heidrich P139 33851 christian.heidrich@physik
Dipl.-Phys. Julia Krone P139 32836 julia.krone@physik
M. Sc. Fabian Göhler MA322 31765 fabian.goehler@physik
M. Sc. Adrian Schütze P037 36218 adrian.schuetze@s2009
M. Sc. Philip Schädlich MA322 31720 philip.schaedlich@s2010
M. Sc. Susanne Wolff MA321 31616 susanne.wolff@physik
M. Sc. Holger Schwarz P037 30370
Technical staff
Andreas Müller P038 38256 andreas.mueller@physik
Matthias Storck P038 35971 matthias.storck@physik
Bachelor and master students
B. Sc. Mike Zeißig P139 31289 mike.zeissig@physik
Marco Kastl P037   marco.kastl@s2009
Tassilo Rauschendorfer P139   tassilo.rauschendorfer@s2014
Student assistants and research project students
Saurabh Sharma P139    
Taimoor Khan P037   taimoor.khan@s2017
Peter Richter P037    
Paul Ebert P037