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Semiconductor Physics
Semiconductor Physics

Special Activities

This chapter briefly describes those activities which were initiated to stimulate scientific life in Chemnitz and exchanges with the physics community, i.e. meetings, conferences, summer schools etc.

Holzhau Group Meetings

In the tradition of the "Heimbach" meetings of Wolfgang Richter's group in Berlin and after a first joint meeting "Heimbach VII" in Oberwiesenthal from September 26th to 30th 1993, the group organised their own meetings named after the first host place Holzhau from 1995. The idea is to combine work and leisure in a place remote from the university and daily duties. These multi-day events clearly provide an atmosphere for enhanced scientific exchange amongst group members and a few guests. The programme of talks and discussions interrupted by e.g. hiking in the Saxonian hills has become an important ingredient of scientific and social life. The latter is positively influenced by the high quality of Saxonian beer served during the evening sessions.

1995 June 13th - 16th Holzhau I
1996 October 8th - 11th Holzhau II in Ottendorf
1997 October 8th - 11th Holzhau III in Zwota
1998 October 11th - 14th Holzhau IV in Schellerhau
2000 March 1st - 3rd Holzhau V in Schellerhau
2001 March 13th - 15th Holzhau VI in Johanngeorgenstadt
2002 March 20th - 22nd Holzhau VII in Schellerhau
2003 March 31st - April 3nd Holzhau VIII in Karlovy Vary
2004 March 22nd - 25th Holzhau IX in Breslau
2005 March 29th - April 1st Holzhau X in Doubice
2006 April 4th - 7th Holzhau XI in Karlovy Vary
2007 October 31th - November 3rd Holzhau XII in in Oberröblingen
2010 October 28th - 30th Holzhau XIII in Karlovy Vary
2011 October 16th - 19th Holzhau XIV in Karlovy Vary
2012 October 7th - 10th Holzhau XV in Karlovy Vary
2013 September 29th - Oktober 2nd Holzhau XVI in Karlovy Vary
2014 September 28th - Oktober 1st Holzhau XVII in Karlovy Vary
2017 June 7th - June 9th Holzhau XVIII in Karlovy Vary
2018 May 23rd - May 25th Holzhau XIX in Karlovy Vary

The group organised / co-organised the following meetings

1994 July 11th HCM network meeting "Chalcogen Modification of Semiconductor Interfaces" in Chemnitz with participants from Ireland, Great Britain, and Italy
1994 September
7th - 11th
3rd Chemnitz Physics Symposium "Laser in Research" celebrating the opening of several laser labs (together with Christian von Borczyskowski and Dieter Gerlich)
1995 September
24th - 25th
Graduiertenkolleg autumn school in Mönchenfrei special subject: Thin Layers - Preparation, Structure, and Properties
1995 November
9th - 11th
Graduiertenkolleg autumn school in Hohenstein-Ernstthal special subject: Langmuir-Blodgett Films
1996 August
14th - 17th
2nd International Conference "Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter" (EXCON ’96) in Kurort Gorisch
1996 September
2nd - 13th
WE-Heraeus Summer Course "Laser in Physics"
1996 November
28th - 30th
Graduiertenkolleg autumn school in Hohenstein-Ernstthal special subject: Scanning Probe Techniques for Thin Film Characterisation
1997 November
10th - 11th
Graduiertenkolleg autumn school in Hohenstein-Ernstthal special subject: special subject: Localisation
2009 July
5th - 10th
The 12th International Conference on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces (ICFSI-12)
2013 April
18th - 19th
Symposium of the AvH Foundation and the DFG Research Units FOR 1497, 1713, and 1154
2013 September
8th - 13th
The 10th International Conference on Optics of Surfeces and Interfaces (OSI-10)
2016 August 28th -
September 02nd
ICSFS 18: International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces
2018 March 19th -
March 21st
WSE 10: Workshop Ellipsometry

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