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Semiconductor Physics
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Semiconductor Physics Research Group

Technische Universität Chemnitz
Physics Department / Semiconductor Physics
Reichenhainer Straße 70
09126 Chemnitz
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[Georgeta Salvan]

Prof. Dr. Georgeta Salvan

recent publications[dbpub v.2.4 08/2018]
[1522] [Refereed Journal] -- A. Sharma, M.A. Hoffmann, P. Matthes, N. Köhler, S. Busse, M. Müller, H. Exner, S.E. Schulz, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, "Magnetic Tunnel Junctions: Laser Annealing Versus Oven Annealing", IEEE Transaction on Magnetics, Vol. 55, (1) (2019) 4400104, 2019
[1539] [Refereed Journal] -- A. Sharma, M.A. Hoffmann, P. Matthes, S. Busse, O. Selyshchev, P. Mack, H. Exner, A. Horn, S.E. Schulz, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, "Exchange Bias and Diffusion Processes in Laser Annealed CoFeB/IrMn Thin Films", Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 489 (2019) 165390, 2019
[1448] [Refereed Journal] -- P. Thoma, M. Monecke, O.-M. Buja, D. Solonenko, R. Dudric, O.-T. Ciubotariu, M. Albrecht, I.G. Deac, R. Tetean, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, "Polycrystalline La1-xSrxMnO3 Films on Silicon: Influence of post-Deposition Annealing on Structural. (Magneto-)Optical, and (Magneto-)Electrical Properties", Appl. Surf. Sci., 427 (2018) 533, 2018
[1453] [Refereed Journal] -- C. Saengruengrit, P. Ritprajak, S. Wanichwecharungruang, A. Sharma, G. Salvan, D.R.T. Zahn; N. Insin, "The Combined Magnetic Field and Iron Oxide-LPGA Composite Particles: Effective Protein Antigen Delivery and Immund Stimulation in Dendritic Cells", J. of Colloid and Interface Science, 520 (2018) 101, 2018
[1467] [Refereed Journal] -- R.P. Dhavale, P.P. Waifalkar, A. Sharma, R.P. Dhavale, S.C. Sahoo, P. Kollu, A.D. Chougale, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, P.S. Patil, P.B. Patil, "Monolayer Grafting of Aminosilane on Magnetic Nanoparticles: An Efficient Approach for Targeted Drug Delivery System", J. of Colloid and Interface Science, 529 (2018) 415, 2018
[1468] [Refereed Journal] -- M. Rahaman, M. Bejani, G. Salvan, S.A. Lopez-Rivera, O. Pulci, F. Bechstedt, D.R.T. Zahn, "Vibrational Properties of GaSe: A Layer Dependent Study from Experiments to Theory", Semicond. Sci. Technol., 33 (2018) 125008, 2018
[1494] [DPG Verhandlungen] -- A. Sharma, M. Almeida, S. Busse, M. Müller, P. Matthes, H. Exner, S.E. Schulz, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan , "Novel Method of Setting Exchange Bias in Tunnel Magnetoresistance Devices with Laser Annealing", 2018
[1515] [Posters] -- A. Sharma, M. Almeida, O. Selyshchev, V. Dzhagan, P. Matthes, S.E. Schulz, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, "Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Diffusion in Magnetic Multilayer Stacks ", European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS)-2018, 03.09 - 07.09.2018, Mainz, Germany, 2018

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