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Semiconductor Physics
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Semiconductor Physics Research Group

Technische Universität Chemnitz
Physics Department / Semiconductor Physics
Reichenhainer Straße 70
09126 Chemnitz
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[Georgeta Salvan]

Prof. Dr. Georgeta Salvan

recent publications[dbpub v.2.4 08/2018]
[1557] [Refereed Journal] -- M.A. Hoffmann, A. Sharma, P. Matthes, S. Okano, O. Hellwig, R. Ecke, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, S.E. Schulz, "Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Spectroscopy Study of Thermally Treated Co60Fe20B20Thin Films ", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 32 (2020) 055702, 2020
[1562] [Refereed Journal] -- A. Sharma, M.A. Hoffmann, P. Matthes, O. Helwig, C. Kowol, S.E. Schulz, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, "Crystallization of Optically Thick Films of CoxFe80-xB20: Evolution of Optical, Magneto-Optical, and Structural Properties", Phys. Rev. B, 101 (2020) 054438-1:, 2020
[1565] [Refereed Journal] -- N.T.N. Ha, A. Sharma, D. Slawig, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, C. Tegenkamp, "Charge-Ordered α-Helical Polypeptide Monolayers on Au(111)", J. Phys. Chem. C, 124 (2020) 5734, 2020
[1570] [Refereed Journal] -- J.D. John, S. Okano, A. Sharma, M. Rahaman, O. Selyshchev, N. Miyachi, K. Enomoto, J. Ochiai, I. Saito, G. Salvan, T. Masuzawa, T. Yamada, D.H.C. Chua, D.R.T. Zahn, K. Okano, "Observation of Two-Level Defect System in Amorphous Se Superlattices", Appl. Phys. Lett. 116 (2020) 192104, 2020
[1571] [Refereed Journal] -- S.M. Nikam, S. Sharma, M. Rahaman, A.M. Teli, S.H. Mujawar, D.R.T. Zahn, P.S. Patil, S.C. Sahoo, G. Salvan, P.B. Patil, "Pulsed Laser Deposited CoFe2O4 Thin Films as Supercapacitor Electrodes", RSC Advances, 10 (2020) 19353, 2020
[1578] [Refereed Journal] -- J. Thompson, F. Albalawi, N. Wickremasinghe, G. Salvan, D.R.T. Zahn, H. Schmitzer, H.P. Wagner, "Index Matching in Multilayered Organic Waveguides", J. Phys. Cond. Matt., 32 (2020) 485702, 2020
[1584] [Refereed Journal] -- P. Thoma, E.T. Breyer, O.-M. Thoma, G. Salvan, D.R.T. Zahn, "Electrical Interface Characterization of Ultrathin Amorphous Silicon Layers on Crystalline Silicon", Phys. stat. sol. (a), 216 (2020) 2000079-1, 2020
[1590] [Refereed Journal] -- S. Okano, A. Sharma, F. Ortmann, A. Nishimura, C. Günther, O.D. Gordan, K. Ikushima, V. Dzhagan, G. Salvan, D.R.T. Zahn, "Voltage-Controlled Dielectric Funcion of Bilayer Graphene", Advanced Optical Materials, 8 (2020) 2000861, 2020
[1595] [Refereed Journal] -- A. Sharma, P. Matthes, I. Soldatov, S.S.P.K. Arekapudi, B. Böhm, M. Lindner, O. Selyshchev, N.T.N. Ha, M. Mehring, C. Tegenamp, S.E. Schulz, D.R.T. Zahn, Y. Paltiel, O. Hellwig, G. Salvan, "Control of Magneto-Optical Properties of Cobalt-Layers by Adsorption of α-Helical Polyalanine Self-Assembled Monolayers", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 8 (2020) 11822, 2020
[1522] [Refereed Journal] -- A. Sharma, M.A. Hoffmann, P. Matthes, N. Köhler, S. Busse, M. Müller, H. Exner, S.E. Schulz, D.R.T. Zahn, G. Salvan, "Magnetic Tunnel Junctions: Laser Annealing Versus Oven Annealing", IEEE Transaction on Magnetics, Vol. 55, (1) (2019) 4400104, 2019

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