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Project description

Project Description

The goal of ARCHIVE is to create a platform that makes historical content tangible and accessible through Augmented Reality (AR). AR technology will be used to link places important to the history and community of Chemnitz with multimedia information.

On one hand, the project aims to transfer the results of historical research into a digital format and make them available to the public through a smartphone application. By using AR technology, historically significant places and landmarks that are within walking distance and located in downtown Chemnitz will be made accessible and interactive. Additionally, ARCHIVE's technical infrastructure will serve as a platform for research and teaching.

For this purpose, two chairs at TU Chemnitz are working hand in hand.
The Chair of European History in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period (GEMFN), led by Prof. Clauss, has extensive experience in organizing events for public engagement with local history. This includes events on the history of Chemnitz as part of the city's anniversary celebrations in 2018 and projects on the transformation of the Middle Ages in cooperation with Chemnitz schools. GEMFN is also responsible for the Chemnitz History Calendar, has published numerous works on the history of Chemnitz, and is involved in the network of Chemnitz cultural workers.
The Chair of Human and Technology (MuT), led by Prof. Chuang, is responsible for managing the Virtual Environment Learning Laboratory. MuT has extensive experience in using AR/VR for learning and accessibility.