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English Language and Linguistics

Dana Ebermann, M.A.

+49 371 531-38542
+49 371 531-838542
Reichenhainer Straße 39, 221
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Short curriculum vitae

I studied English and American Studies at TU Chemnitz with a specialization in English Linguistics and British & American Studies. I spent an ERASMUS semester abroad at Tallinna Ülikool (Tallinn University) in Estonia in the winter term 2008/09. I finished my MA thesis on English null subjects in Facebook status updates in March 2012. After my graduation, I worked in the marketing & sales department of a company in the paper industry. Since October 2014, I have been a member of the ELL department at TU Chemnitz.

Research interests

I am especially interested in sociolinguistics, new digital discourses and English as an academic language worldwide.


WS 2019/20 BA 1 & B EEE 3 Information Technology & Study Skills
  MA 3 Native & Non-Native English Language Systems
SS 2019 BA 2 & B EEE 2 Pragmatics
WS 2018/19 BA 3 Psycholinguistics
SS 2018 BA 2 Pragmatics
WS 2017/18 BA 3 Sociolinguistics
SS 2017 SELAEn 4 & B EEE 4 Psycholinguistics
WS 2016/17 MA 3 Project Management
WS 2015/16 BA 3 Sociolinguistics
SS 2015 BA 4 & 6 Research Colloquium
  BA 6 Research Seminar
WS 2014/15 MA 4 Project Management




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01/2019 Protestkulturen in den sozialen Medien: von Hate zu Counter Speech. Protestkulturen / Cultures of Protest (wissenschaftliches Symposium zum 25-jährigen Bestehen der Philosophischen Fakultät der TU Chemnitz).
11/2018 A Critical Discourse Analysis of Trump's Speeches. Graduate Symposium on Critical Discourse and Corpus Approaches to Systemic Functional Grammar (wissenschaftliches Symposium zu Studientage China der Philosophischen Fakultät der TU Chemnitz).

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Want to see more? Null subjects in Facebook status updates. Modena International Workshop: Corpus, Discourse and Genre studies on Language Change: Work in progress. Modena, Italy

Wanna see some nail designs that’ll knock your socks off? Using Facebook as a corpus. Discourse Analysis in a Digital World. 4th International Conference on Discourse Studies. Nitra, Slovakia