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Mechanical Engineering

Main research areas in Chemnitz

Because of its excellent reputation Mechanical Engineering was able to acquire a numer of prestigious research projects. For example:
  • Cluster of Excellence MERGE (funded by the federal government),
  • Landesexzellenzinitiative eniPROD (funded by the state)
  • SFB692 HALS (funded by DFG)

500 researchers are funded through external projects - develop solutions and design new equipment in applied and basic research areas.

resaerch in Chemnitz focuses on these subjects:
  • Resource-efficient and low-emission production
  • Production systems for metal and plastic components
  • Highly integrative process chains and production networks
  • New smart materials
  • Automobile production technologies
  • Lightweight construction and system
  • Virtual design methods
  • Textile processing and preform technologies
  • Procedures and products made using renewable raw materials
  • Printed polymer electronics

Press Articles

  • "Never Give Up"

    Poulomi Mukherjee Reddy, a native of New Delhi, holds a Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Systems from TU Chemnitz. After graduating in 2016 she returned to India to build her own start-up in Mumbai …

  • Ride Along for Research

    Study that assesses passenger comfort in autonomous vehicles will start soon …

  • Migration: Exception or Rule?

    On 28 February, Prof. Dr. Birgit Glorius will give the opening lecture of the new event series at the Industriemuseum, titled “Melting Pot Chemnitz” (Schmelztiegel Chemnitz) …

  • "I Only Know Snow From the Movies“

    With the help of a DAAD scholarship, Ethiopian Teklebirhan Fisseha can write his Ph.D Thesis in the field of Composite Materials – a great opportunity that also involves many challenges …