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Faculty of Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics

Financial Mathematics (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.))

Standard period of study:
  • for the Bachelor program: 6 semesters
Start of studies:
  • for the Bachelor program: usually with the winter semester
Entrance requirement:
  • for the Bachelor program: general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, A level, high-school diploma) or subject-linked eligibility of university admission or master craftman or an equivalently approved university admission.
  • Be aware that courses are normally offered in German only.


There is no admission restriction for this degree program. Application is made online. The respective study program is called "Finanzmathematik". Applications can be sent in until shortly before the start of the semester, see also term deadlines.

From Bachelor to Master

After completing the bachelor program in financial mathematics, you can pursue your studies with a master within our combined Bachelor-/Master degree program by chosing financial mathematics as field of study.

Bachelor program Financial mathematics

This program consists of classes from mathematics, finance, and business administration. The classes in mathematics provide on the one hand a solid background in general mathematics, on the other hand the program emphazises on mathematics which are essential to successfully master financial instruments, insurance mathematics, or the modern theory of financial markets, among other things, like e.g. stochastics and statistics. Classes from finance and business administration cover an extensive scope of subjects, like for example coorporate finance, accountancy, or economics. The program offers the possibility to specialize according to ones personal preferences. Its main difference to the combined Bachelor/Master program in mathematics with the field of study financial mathematics is that it offers a more leisure introduction into its mathematical parts. Its main features are
  • it offers a new introductory class into scientific mathematical work,
  • the basic mathematics classes analysis and linear algebra are spread over the first four semester,
  • there are newly designed classes during the first two semesters about mathematical models in finance and business administration,
  • during the first years an introduction into computer based mathematics is offered
  • an internship offering a potential subject for the Bachelor thesis.
The Bachelor study program is finished with the Bachelor thesis, which is normally in the 6th semester of the study program.

Bachelor program Financial Mathematics study schedule[de]

1. bis 5. Sem. Basic modules Mathematics, computer sciences and business administration (111 LP)
1. bis 4. Sem. Specialization modules Mathematics, computer sciences and business administration (33–92 LP)
3. bis 6. Sem. Supplements (0–19 LP)
6. Sem. Bachelor thesis (12 LP)
The studies of Financial Mathematics at the TU Chemnitz offers great qualifications for a challenging and reponsible position where "smart minds" are in demand, who can accomplish taks with creativity, commitment and team spirit and bring along logical reasoning and try to get to the bottom of the problem. Through the interdisciplinary and practical education at the TU Chemnitz the graduates have outstanding professional opportunities, for example in
  • banks and insurance companies
  • business consulting
  • financial service provider
Fields of activity range from company funding, portfolio and risk management to the development and assessment of new products in the financial and insurance business as well as financial advice and analysis. With certain requirements, an academic career at universities or research centers is possible too.

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