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Faculty of Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics

Faculty of Mathematics

We offer focused teaching with personal support that opens up excellent prospects for our graduates. In the spirit of the union between research and teaching, our courses are based on current, internationally recognized research which covers both the theoretical side and its applicability in the real life. Mathematics at the TU Chemnitz: it is fun and practical!

The Mathematics Program in Chemnitz belongs to Germany's top programs, see the University ranking by CHE 2018!


11.12.2020 10:00 Videokonferenz Öffentliche Prüfung im Promotionsverfahren
M. Sc. Christopher Hofmann
Theme: Contributions to regularization theory and practice of certain nonlinear inverse problems Mehr ...
17.12.2020 16:30 Livestream Weihnachtsvorlesung „Harmonices mundi - die Entdeckung der Weltharmonie“
Prof. Dr. Alois Pichler
Johannes Kepler wurde in eine spannende Zeit geboren: Er beobachtet, wie sich Jupiter an Saturn heranmacht, er erlebt die Geburt eines neuen Sternes und erkennt den Stern von Bethlehem! Die Vorlesung begleitet diese Entwicklung. Mehr ...
Winter teaching term 2020/21 with Distance Learning
Winter teaching term 2020/21 with Distance Learning
Dear Students of the Department of Mathematics,

in view of ongoing measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, our university leadership has suspended all teaching activities requiring personal attendance until further notice. In order that the 2020 summer teaching term not become a "lost semester" the Department of Mathematics will transfer all teaching activities to online formats as of the original starting date for classes April 6, 2020. Owing to the suddenness of this transition, this will involve considerable improvisation, but all faculty and teaching staff are doing their very best to rise to this challenge and minimize adverse effects on students.

To enable smooth communication with teaching staff it is necessary that you register for all classes in the OPAL learning management system. The OPAL links to your classes can be found in the online course listings.
A list of all TU Chemnitz courses offering online teaching can be found on this site.

We are aware that the effects of these measure will require more independence and diligence on your part. Please do not hesitate to approach the teaching staff, course assistants or the department leadership if you encounter problems you cannot handle on your own.

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