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Professorship of Media Informatics
Equipment Rental

Equipment Loan Service

General Information

We offer a comprehensive range of video and audio equipment that can be borrowed. This equipment is exclusively available for internal university use, such as recording lectures, student projects, or private non-commercial activities. Borrowing AV equipment is free of charge for students, while costs for borrowing vary depending on the respective items for staff members (see price list). External individuals are not eligible for borrowing. The user is liable for any damages, so we recommend considering an insurance if necessary.

A tutorial for the initial registration and further procedure in the reservation system can be found here:

  • Instruction for use of the online reservation system

User manuals and tutorials for our equipment can be found here:

  • User Manuals and Tutorials
  • Tutorial Playlist TV Studio


Camera License

To borrow video and audio equipment, successfully completing a camera license or participating in an AV workshop by Stefanie Müller is necessary. If you have not attended an AV workshop, you must obtain the camera license. Then you will have unrestricted access to the online reservation system. Please contact us via e-mail for more information. For borrowing video backpacks for lecture recordings or lecture streaming, a camera license is not required.

The camera license test includes questions about proper handling of cameras, tripods, lighting, audio equipment, and borrowing procedures. The test consists of a theoretical part (online; 20-25 minutes) and a practical part (in-person; 40 minutes). To prepare, please watch the following videos and review the documents. The camera license is an examination; no training will be provided!

  • Tutorial Camera License
  • Camera Handling Sony NEX 50EA
  • Camera Handling Sony PXW Z150
  • Lens Change
  • Folding a Reflector
  • Winding cables correctly
  • References
  • Instructions
  • Privacy Policy Equipment Rental
  • Please note that within the DSLR camera family, only the 5D Mark III and 5DSR models have a video function. All others can only be used for photography.


Equipment Catalog

All information and overviews provided on this website are bundled in the equipment catalog (as of February 2021) and can be downloaded as a PDF file via the following link: [Equipment Catalog][de]


Go to online reservation system [de]

Non university members – service not available

  • This service is only available for members of the Chemnitz University of Technology. 

Students – free of charge

  • private, non-commercial projects
  • course-related projects

Employees, Staff & Faculty – depending on items

  • free of charge: video backpack including camera, laptop, cables, battery, power supply etc. - exclusively for lecture recording or streaming by faculty or staff members
  • 30 Euro/day video camera package* (video camera Sony NEX50, Sony NX30, Sony Z150 with standard lens, power supply, 1x rechargeable battery, 1x memory card, user manual, remote control)
  • 30 Euro/day photo camera package* (photo camera 5D MI, 5D MIII or 5DSR with standard lens, 1x rechargeable battery, 1x memory card, user manual etc.)
  • 15 Euro/day (additional) lenses incl. filters, tripods, Metabones lens adapter
  • 20 Euro/day audio equipment (audio mixer, recording device, wireless microphones, microphone boom with windscreen incl. microphone, handheld microphone with cable, etc.)
  • 10 Euro/day audio accessory (table stand for microphones, headphones, microphone stand etc.)
  • 15 Euro/day small light case (3 lights with stands)
  • 25 Euro/day large light case (5 lights incl. softboxes and many accessories)
  • 15 Euro/day per LED light panel (incl. light stand)
  • 200 Euro/day TV-Studio (incl. use of built-in equipment: lights, studio camera, audio and video mixer, recording units, teleprompter, microphones, cables, etc.)
  • 45 Euro/day DSLR camera Sony Alpha 7 III incl. accessories such as batteries, Shogun Flame monitor, standard lens, etc.
  • 10 Euro/day headlight Sony HVC
  • 15 Euro/day camera dolly, Glidecam, Steadycam, Skater, Rig etc.
  • 35 Euro/day lens case with 5 lenses
  • 15 Euro/day unmotorized slider
  • 60 Euro/day crane or motorized slider (can only be operated by trained personnel) incl. accessories like weights, remote head, remote controls etc.
  • 20 Euro/day teleprompter incl. tablet
  • 15 Euro/day touch screen video monitor
  • 15 Euro/day each converter like SDI2HDMI, UpDownCorss HD etc.
  • 10 Euro/day rollable reflector
  • 20 Euro/day flash system
  • 25 Euro/day use of a workstation computer
  • 5 Euro/day further small optional articles

* The following items can additionally be added free of charge:
Attachements such as max. 2 SD cards, gray cards, reflectors, cables, max. 2 spare batteries, power supply units, adapters, clapperboard, flash units, color checkers.


Go to online reservation system [de]

The following compilation provides an overview of the equipment available for borrowing at the TV studio. Additional items and the available quantity of individual resources can be viewed in the online reservation system (after activating your user account). Pick-up and return of the equipment take place at the TV studio, located at Straße der Nationen, Room 012e. Equipment borrowing is free of charge for TU Chemnitz students but incurs a fee for staff members. Borrowing video backpacks for lecture recordings and lecture streaming is free of charge and possible without obtaining a camera license.

Sony NX30e

Sony NX30e
1x camera with audio attachment and microphone with windscreen, 2x battery, 1x power supply, 1x USB extension, 1x HDMI miniHDMI cable, 1x bag, 1x rain cover, 1x remote control, weight: approx. 1.1kg
Recommended Accessories: SD card, Sachtler ACE tripod

Sony PXW-Z150

Sony PXW-Z150
1x camera with eyecup, 1x remote control, 1x user manual, 1x spare parts, 1x USB-2 mini USB cable, 1x battery charger, 1x power supply, weight: approx. 2.3kg
Recommended Accessories: SD card, NP-F battery, Sachtler ACE tripod

Sony NEX 50EA EH

Sony NEX 50EA EH
1x bag, 1x camera, 1x lens with cover, 1x remote control, 1x eyecup, 1x microphone with windscreen, 1x power supply, 1x battery charger, 1x cable, weight: ca. 3.2kg
Recommended Accessories: SD card, NP-F battery, Sachtler ACE tripod

Canon 1000D

Canon 1000D
1x camera body, 1x lens Sigma EF-S 18-55mm with cap, 1x power supply, 1x battery with protection cap (no video function!)
Recommended Accessories: SD card, Manfrotto photo tripod

Canon 20D

Canon 20D
1x camera body with cover, 2x battery with protective caps, 1x charger (no video function!)
Recommended Accessories: CF card, Manfrotto photo tripod

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III
1x camera body with cover, 1x manual, 1x power supply, 1x battery charger
Recommended Accessories: SD or CF card, LP-E6 battery, Manfrotto photo tripod

Canon 5D Mark I

Canon 5D Mark I
1x camera body, 2x battery, 1x user manual, 1x charger, 1x bag with rain cover (no video function!)
Recommended Accessories: CF card, Manfrotto photo tripod

Canon 5DSR

Canon 5DSR
1x camera body without cover, 1x user manual, 1x battery charger, 1x power supply, 1x content card, 1x lens Canon 24-105mm, 1x UV filter 77mm
Recommended Accessories: SD or CF card, LP-E6 battery, Manfrotto photo tripod

Røde NTG-1 Microphone

Rode NTG-1
1x microphone, 1x windscreen, 1x protective bag
Recommended Accessories: XLR cable, headphones

Røde NTG-2 Microphone

Rode NTG-2
1x microphone, 1x windscreen, 1x holder (only for #1), 1x protective bag
Recommended Accessories: XLR cable, headphones, AA battery (only if no +48V phantom power)

Sennheiser Wireless Microphone ew 100/112

Sennheiser Fustrecke
1x case, 1x transmitter, 1x receiver, 1x windscreen, 1x microphone, 1x XLR-jack cable, 1x jack-jack cable
Recommended Accessories: 4x AA battery

Sennheiser MD42 Microphone

Sennheiser MD42
1x microphone, 1x attachment
Recommended Accessories: XLR cable, headphones

Sennheiser MK 8 Microphone

Sennheiser MK 8
1x microphone, 1x user manual, 1x protective bag, 1x clip, no holder
Recommended Accessories: XLR cable, headphones

Walimex Microphone

Walimex Mikrofon
1x microphone with power supply and mount, 2x windscreen
Recommended Accessories: headphones

Røde Microphone Boom

Rode Tonangel
1x rod with XLR cable, 1x wind basket with 2x screw caps, windscreen and microphone
Recommended Accessories: headphones

Microphone Stand

0.7 through 1.9m length
Recommended Accessories: mount or adapter for microphone

Table Stand for Microphone

Tischstativ fÃŒr Mikrofon
Table stand for handheld microphone with pop protection
Recommended Accessories: headphones

Alesis Multimix 8 USB Mixer

Alesis Multimix 8 USB Audiomischpult
Mixer with power supply, USB cable
Recommended Accessories: -

Behringer Eurorack MX602 A Mixer

Behringer Eurorack MX602
Mixer with power supply
Recommended Accessories: -

Behringer Eurorack UB 1002 Mixer

Behringer Eurorack UB 1002
Mixer with power supply, user manual
Recommended Accessories: -

Yamaha AG03 Mini-Mixer

Yamaha AG03
Mixer with power supply, USB cable
Recommended Accessories: -

Sound Devices MixPre-D Fieldmixer

Sound Devices Fieldmixer
Mixer with XLR cable and bag
Recommended Accessories: -

Roland R-88 Recorder

Roland R-88
1x recorder, 1x power supply, 1x user manual, 1x cable reel
Recommended Accessories: SD card, headphones

Tascam DR-60DM Linear PCM Recorder

Tascam DR-60DM
1x recorder, 1x USB cable, 1x  user manual
Recommended Accessories: SD card, headphones

Canon Speedlite 430EX/600EX Flash Light

Canon Speedlite
1x flash unit, 1x bag
Recommended Accessories: -

Sachtler Light Case 322HSM

Sachtler Lichtkoffer
3x lamps (2x with filter mount), 3x tripods, 3x barndoors, 3x filters, 3x diffuser (2x with mount), 3x spare bulbs, 1x pack of spare fuses, 1x glove, 1x tape
Recommended Accessories: sandbags

Dedolight Light Case SPS5

Dedolight Lichtkoffer
1x softcase with: mini Grid for 04, grid small for 06, white dome, silver dome small, soft light 150W, screw clip, projector, filter warm tone, mixed tone, diffusion, color effect, gobo holder, gobo set, scrim set, spare lamps, power supply, light head with voltage converter, tripod with extension, arm, gloves
Recommended Accessories: sandbags

LED Panel Dedolight Tecpro TP-LFE-BI

LED Panel
1x LED panel with BP-U battery attachment, 1x bag with V-mount attachment, 1x power supply, 1x softbox (only for #1 and #2), 1x extension cable, 1x car charger (only for #1)
Recommended Accessories: BP-U battery, Walimex Pro lamp stand

Sony Head Light HVL-LBPC

Sony Kopflicht
Headlight with battery adapter and hot shoe adapter
Recommended Accessories: BP-U battery

Walimex Pro Video Light 209

Walimex Videoleuchte
1x dimmable light, 1x charger, 1x plastic plate, 1x flash shoe attachment
Recommended Accessories: 1x NP-F battery

Falcon Tri-Reflector

Falcon Tri-Reflektor
1x stand, 1x connector, 3x rods, 3x reflector, 1x bag
Recommended Accessories: sandbags

Lamax Reflector 5 in 1

Lamax Faltreflektor 5 in 1
1x bag, 1x reflector, 1x cover
Recommended Accessories: -

Walimex Pro Reflector Set

Walimex Pro Reflektorsegel Set
1x reflector sail 1.5 x 2m, 1x cover gold, 2x lamp tripods, 2x spigot clamps, 3x bag
Recommended Accessories: sandbags

Neewer Reflector with Reflector Stand

Neewer Reflektor
1x bag, 1x 5-in-1 reflector with cover, 1x sandbag (unfilled), 1x screw connection, 1x rod
Recommended Accessories: -

Light Foils

various versions like Diffusion Pack, Daylight Pack - not for Sachtler light case
Recommended Accessories: wooden clips

Gray Charts

1x gray chart, 1x bag
Recommended Accessories: -

Walimex Pro Lamp Stand for LED Panel Dedolight

Walimex Pro Lampenstativ
1x bag, 1x tripod with 3 set screws, 1x bag with 1/4 to 3/8 inch adapter and Allen key
Recommended Accessories: sandbags, LED-Panel Dedolight

Sachtler ACE Tripod

Sachtler ACE Stativ
1x bag, 1x tripod with tripod arm and tripod plate, max. load: 4.4kg
Recommended for: Sony NX30e, Sony PXW-Z150, Sony 50EA EH, video backpack

Manfrotto Tripod 526B

Manfrotto Videostativ
1x tripod with tripod arm and tripod plate, 1x user manual, 1x spare parts, max. load: 15kg
Recommended Accessories: Manfrotto dolly

Manfrotto Nicrotech N12 Carbon

Manfrotto Nicrotech Carbon
1x tripod with tripod plate, ground spider and tripod arm, max. load: 9kg
Recommended Accessories: -

Manfrotto Dolly

Manfrotto Rollspinne
1x dolly without accessories
Recommended Accessories: Manfrotto tripod 526B

Manfrotto Photo Tripod

Manfrotto Fotostativ
1x tripod with tripod plate, 1x bag, max. load: 3kg
Recommended Accessories: -

Libec Monopod

Libec Monopod
1x tripod with tripod plate and tripod arm, 1x bag
Recommended Accessories: -

Slidekamera Skater HSO4

Slidekamera Skater HSO4
1x skater, 1x spare part, 1x cylinder
Recommended Accessories: -

Slidekamera Slider HSK5 with HKN2-Motor

Slidekamera Slider HSK5
1x bag, 1x slider HSK5 with HKN2 motor, 1x controller, 1x control cable
Recommended Accessories: -

Glidecam HD-2000

Glidecam HD-2000 Schwebestativ
1x Glidecam, weights
Recommended Accessories: -

Fotga Slider 80cm

1x bag, 1x slider, Allen key
Recommended Accessories: -

WalimexPro VideoRig Director III

Walimex Pro VideoRig
consisting of various (small) parts
Recommended Accessories: -

Walimex EF-Mount Objektive Lenses Set for Canon

EF-Mount Objektive
Set including Walimex 100-400mm / ET-86 70-200mm / 28-300mm / EF 24-70mm L USM Ultrasonic / Makro 100mm 1:2.8 L IS USM / 24-105mm 1:3,5-5,6 IS STM / Tilt Shift E 24mm Objective TS-E 24/3.5 TS E L II / EF 24-70 mm II USM Ultrasonic 82mm / WalimexPro 35mm (1.5) /  24mm (1.5) / 85mm (1.5) / 14mm (3.1) / 50mm (1.5)  / 135 (2.2)
Recommended Accessories: lens bag

Walimex E-Mount Objective Lenses Set for Sony

E-Mount Objektive
Set including WalimexPro 35mm (1.5) / WalimexPro 24mm (1.5) / WalimexPro 85mm (1.5) / WalimexPro 14mm (3.1) / WalimexPro 12mm (3.1)
Recommended Accessories: lens bag

Other Objektive Lenses

Weitere Objektive
Lumix 35-100mm, Tamron 28-300mm 3,5-6,3, Sigma EF-S 18-55mm, Sigma 70-300mm
Recommended Accessories: lens bag

Sony X Canon Adapter

Sony Canon Adapter Metabones
Metabones adapter EF to E Mark III, Metabones adapter EF to E Mark iV
Recommended Accessories: -

Canon Extender EF 2x III

Canon Extender EF2xIII
1x extender, 1x user manual, 1x lens bag
Recommended Accessories: -

Filter (UV, ND, CPL, FLD, Star)

various UV, ND, CPL, FLD, Star filters in different thread sizes
Recommended Accessories: -

DataVideo Teleprompter TP-300 incl. Tablet

1x hardcase, 1x holder with glass plate, 2x metal plate, 1x tripod attachment, 1x tablet holder, 1x remote control with cable and neck strap, 1x bag with spare parts
Recommended Accessories: - (incl. Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet)

DeTeWe Outdoor 8000 Radio Equipment Set

Funkgeräte Koffer
1x hardcase, 4x devices, 4x earbuds with cable, 2x charger with power supply, 6x batteries
Recommended Accessories: -


Rewritable clapperboard
Recommended Accessories: whiteboard marker

Walimex Pro LCD Monitor 5.0" LED Monitor

Walimex LCD Monitor
1x monitor, 1x battery, 1x sunscreen, 1x charger, 1x user manual, 1x case, 1x HDMI cable 1.5m
Recommended Accessories: -

Video Backpack Set for Lecture Recording and Streaming

1x Sony FDR-AX100 camera, weight: approx. 0.9kg, 2x user manual, 1x battery, 1x camera power supply unit, 1x remote control, 1x HDMI cable, 1x HDMI-Mini-HDMI cable, 2x Magewell converter with USB cable, 1x notebook Lenovo Yoga 720-15IKB, 1x notebook power supply unit
Recommended Accessories: Sachtler ACE tripod

Actioncam GoPro Hero 6 Set

GoPro Actioncam
1x GoPro Hero6, 1x charger, 3x battery, 1x remote control, 2x microSD cards (32 GB, 64 GB), 1x SD-micro SD adapter; 1x gimbal; 1x clip, 1x segment tripod, 1x tripod with screw-in tripod legs; 1x Rode microphone, 1x microphone adapter, 1x bag with various adhesive mounts
Recommended Accessories: -

Workstation PC (Room 1/021)

includes among others Adobe Cloud Software (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects etc.)
Recommended Accessories: -

TV-Studio (Room 1/012)

includes among others use of bluescreen, teleprompter, and speech microphone (no workstation PCs)
Recommended Accessories: -

Furthermore, additional items are available. Please note: Rechargeable batteries must be charged and memory cards must be formatted before returning.

  • Battery Charger 4x AA
  • Canon GPS Receiver GP-EP2
  • Canon Zoom Remote Controller ZR-1000
  • Colorchecker Xrite Passport Video
  • Datacolor Spyder5Pro Monitor Calibration Device
  • Cable Bridges
  • Lens Cleaning Cits
  • Manfrotto 521PRO Rear Control Unit
  • Sandbacks
  • Transport Bag Kata CB-400 with Insert Trolley
  • Adapter (XLR/jack 3.5mm/6.5mm/Splitter)
  • Rechargeable Batteries (BP-U, LP-E6, NP-F)
  • Batteries (AA, AAA, rechargeable)
  • Cable (HDMI, Component Video, SDI, VGA, XLR, up to 25m)
  • Card Reader (SD, microSD, XD, MS, Tflash)
  • Headphones (Philips SHP1900, Sennheiser HD25/-CII)
  • Lens Bags
  • Memory Cardes (SD, MS, CF, bis 128GB)
  • Power Cables (Distribution Boxes, Extension Cables, Cable Reels, up to 25m)
  • Windscreens and Mounts for Microphones


The following overviews provide further information on our camera and lighting equipment:

Comparison of video cameras [de] Specifications Sony NX30e [de]
Comparison of lighting equipment [de] Specifications Sony PXW-Z150
Comparison of reflector sets [de] Specifications Sony NEX 50EA EH [de]


Go to online reservation system [de]