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Professorship of Media Informatics


Topics for bachelor's, master's and diploma thesis

On this page you will find various topics for student projects. In the respective fields there is a broad spectrum of topics that can be covered in the context of a bachelor's, master's or diploma thesis and other academic activities, such as seminar papers or internships. In addition, we constantly have numerous other topics at all skill levels which we would be happy to discuss with you. Talk to us!

The following range of topics is available:

Choose and read an article on one of the following blogs:

Answer the following questions for any blog article:

  • Is it’s claim or content scientifically proven? Can you verify the prove?
  • If there are no scientific sources, how could a scientific experiment look like to prove the claim of the article?

Choose any (real, non-tutorial) challenge from Kaggle and solve it. The main goal is to develop a baseline and an improvement to this baseline. You don’t have to score the 1st place or make an actual improvement as long as the reasoning that it could improve the baseline is valid.

Here are some example challenges: