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Professorship of Media Informatics

About StudiTV

StudiTV started as a collaborative project between the Chairs of Media Informatics and Media Psychology. We aim to provide a platform by students, for students, where regularly produced video content about student life in Chemnitz can be viewed and created. The StudiTV team consists of dedicated students from various fields of study who are eagerly working on realizing their ideas and constantly learning and improving along the way.


The ball is in your court!

There's a lot to do: camera, lighting, sound, editing, post-production, broadcast technology, and much more. For that, you have access to a fully equipped TV studio with modern AV equipment. Are you interested in participating? Do you have a creative idea for a contribution? Have you already produced your own video clips and would like to publish it with us? Can you imagine being in front of or behind the camera? Go for it! Simply send an email to 


Contact and further information

We hope that many dedicated students will continue to produce their own content and share their knowledge for the project that was initiated as a lecture-accompanying exercise in the summer term of 2013. Both the video euqipment of the Chair of Media Informatics (mi) and the Chair of Media Psychology (mp) are available for this purpose!

  • TU Chemnitz, Faculty of Computer Science, Chair of Media Informatics, Straße der Nationen 62, 09111 Chemnitz, e-mail:
  • Lead TV Studio and StudiTV: Dr. Stefanie Müller (mi)
  • Equipment Rental: online via booked
  • Responsible Professors: Prof. Dr. Maximilian Eibl (mi) and Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Stein (mp)



Videos are only available in the German version of this website.