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Junior Professorship in Sociology of Technology with Specialization in Internet and New Media

Thematic research orientation


Our research emphasis



Currently there is hardly a social area which is not characterized or at least influenced by technologies (of all kind). With the digital cross-linkage of technical artefacts on the basis of the internet the penetration
of the society with technologies achieves not only quantitatively but also qualitatively a new
level. The kind how work is organized, relations develop, media are consumed, knowledge is adopted, the
environment and the own self is perceived or political protests form up, has strongly changed during
the past years.

The sociology of technology represented encounters the developments in form of basic as
well as specific form of questionings. On the basis of a qualitatively empiric procedure as well as within the scope of t
heoretical tasks our (present and future) main research is focused on:


  • Media and communication of the Hidden Web
  • Smartphones in everyday life
  • The interrelationship of internet and society
  • The limits of internet
  • The automation of communication by algorithms
  • Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding and Clickworking
  • Work and Internet
  • Exploring the Hidden Web

Press Articles