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Junior Professorship in Sociology of Technology with Specialization in Internet and New Media

Information about the study of Sociology of Technology with emphasis on internet and new media

Within the range of studies of the institute, the professorship in the bachelor studies represents mainly the subject of “Sociology of Technology", in the master studies it focuses on "Work, Organization and Technology" (together with the chair of sociology of work and sociology of organization). In about equal shares, the teaching is about socio-technological and socio-internet subjects. The following questions are promoted:


  • From a sociological perspective: what is technology about?
  • Why is technology of social interest?
  • How originate technical innovations?
  • What kind of social impact has technology? (technological consequences, criticism and acceptance)
  • To what extent social change is influenced by technology?
  • Can technology act and are machines intelligent?
  • What is particular about internet?
  • How does internet communication distinguish itself?
  • Which social innovations entailed internet?
  • What happens if communication is automated? For instance Big Data, Internet of the Things etc.
  • In which way do mobile internet terminals matter to their users?

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