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Institute of Sociology

Sociological Research in Chemnitz

Since its establishment, the Institute of Sociology in Chemnitz has been conducting intensive empirical and theoretical research into an extensive variety of fields. Its entire scope of thematic, theoretical and methodological diversity is supported by the chairs.

Despite the resulting broad range of research subjects and procedures, there has developed common ground showing considerable synergies in recent years. Taking into consideration the differences in research orientation (important to us), a typical “research profile” has evolved that is being more and more extended (see respective sub-page).

On a more detailed level, research at the Institute is not only conducted in a large number of fields, but is also concerned with a considerable variety of themes and methodical approaches. Some chairs can look back on a long tradition of large-scope research projects while the more recently established chairs will shape their research areas analogously in the coming years. For more detailed information, please, check with the pages of the individual chairs. Information on a selection of ongoing comprehensive projects of the Institute are available under the heading “Research Projects”.