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Institute of Psychology
Institute of Psychology

Soft Skills - Key competencies in professional life

Welcome to the website of the Soft Skills of the TU Chemnitz! Here you will find all information about the upcoming workshops as well as dates and enrollment modalities.

Online registration for seminars in the summer semester 2024 is open from 18.03.2024 (08:00) - 01.04.2024 (23:59) via OPAL.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the soft skills team at the Institute of Psychology. The staff members are listed below with the course topics and links to their e-mail addresses:

  • Dr. Nadine TscharaktschiewTime Management (Course 1), Time Management and Work Organization (Course 1)
  • Dr. Laura AckermannTime Management (Course 2), Time Management and Work Organization (Course 2)
  • Dr. Stefan Uhlig: Conversation Techniques, Presentation Techniques, Presentation and Conversation Techniques 
  • Dr. Carolin Dietz: Communication and Leadership (Courses in German and English)


The courses with the respective OPAL links are listed here:

Presentation Techniques (course language: German)

Presentation and Conversation Techniques (course language: German)

Conversation Techniques (course language: German)

Time Management: Course 1, Course 2 (course language: German)

Time Management and Work Organization: Course 1, Course 2 (course language: German)

Communication & Leadership in German (course language: German)

Communication & Leadership in English (course language: English)