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Personality Psychology and Assessment

Scientific Staff

Portrait: ap Dr. Diana Armbruster
ap Dr. Diana Armbruster

Scientific Manager des Moduls Graduiertenkolleg (MGK) im SFB 1410

Portrait: Dr. rer. nat. Julia Grass
Dr. rer. nat. Julia Grass

- Currently practical work as part of the training to become a psychological psychotherapist. -
Substitute: Kathrin Fucke

Portrait: Dr. Magdalena Reineboth
Dr. Magdalena Reineboth

Project FIDES

Portrait: M.Sc.Psych. Kathrin Fucke
M.Sc.Psych. Kathrin Fucke

Research Associate, Teaching

Portrait: M.Sc.Psych. Johanna Bruchmann

Open Science group of the institute

Portrait: M.Sc.Psych. Inga Hermine Hoff
M.Sc.Psych. Inga Hermine Hoff

Apprentice selection

Portrait: Dr. Sarah Mandl
Dr. Sarah Mandl

SFB Hybrid Societies - Responsibility in Hybrid Societies

Associated Staff

Portrait: Rico Pohling, Dr.
Rico Pohling, Dr.

Team activities