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Social science of physical activity and health


Portrait: Dr. Katrin Müller
Dr. Katrin Müller
Portrait: Iris Poppele
Iris Poppele
Portrait: Prof. (FH) Dr. Regina Roschmann
Prof. (FH) Dr. Regina Roschmann
Portrait: Prof. Dr. Torsten Schlesinger
Prof. Dr. Torsten Schlesinger
Portrait: Nadine Schrutka
Nadine Schrutka
Portrait: Luc Alexander Schulz
Luc Alexander Schulz
Portrait: Dr. Carolin Schulze
Dr. Carolin Schulze
Portrait: Katharina Zwingmann
Katharina Zwingmann

Research and student Assistants

Lukas Münchgesang
Luca Schirmer
Annalena Wieland