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Professorship of Human Locomotion
Professorship of Human Locomotion

Junior Research Group SenseCare

SenseCare – High tech sensors to meet the challenges of demographic change in Saxony
ESF Junior Research Group


In July 2016, the Free State of Saxony and the European Social Fund began supporting seven junior researchers for a period of 3 years. The interdisciplinary team is made up of scientists in the fields of inorganic chemistry, measurement and sensor technology, digital printing and imaging technology, microsystems and biomedical engineering, and human locomotion.

With the demographic change in Saxony, a growing number of senior citizens suffer from diseases like diabetes, neuropathy, and obesity. Decubitus is one comorbidity associated with those disorders as well as with bedridden patients. This affliction causes tissue damage which leads to ulcers. Two known risk factors in the development of ulcers are humidity and pressure over a period of time. Therefore, the project’s aim is to develop multifunctional and cost-effective sensor matrices to measure heart rate, temperature, and humidity, as well as three dimensional force vectors. This information can then be used, among other applications, in preventing decubitus and in fitting prostheses.

The Department of Human Locomotion is responsible for conceptualizing a catalogue of requirements for different fields of sensor application. Furthermore, it will evaluate the sensors regarding quality criteria and usability. Therefore, the prototypes will undergo stress tests in clinical and sports scenarios.


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